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I have used Botox with good results so I decided...

I have used Botox with good results so I decided to check out Thermage. Truthfully, I allowed myself to be sold and was told the pain medication would make the procedure comfortable. This was a lie. The medication did nothing and it felt as if the tech was touching me with a hot poker.
I was rigid with pain and had to stop several times which meant I could not get the full affect. I was horrified to hear from the tech that this is considered normal.
I am in the medical field and this brings up a philosophical
problem I have with this procedure and those who administer it. My pain was ignored. In my field we are compassionate and sensitive to each individual. If a tech cannot feel empathy for someone who is in pain, this reflects a loss of humanity from someone I considered (wrongly) to be a health care provider. My results were poor and I would recommend no one participate in such a ridiculous "procedure."


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