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I wanted a cure for the sagging skin under my...

I wanted a cure for the sagging skin under my chin, but a few people talked me out of surgery and I tried Thermage instead. There aren’t many clinics that do it around here, so I ended up traveling a good ways south for the right doctor and the right price, which was still pretty high.

The results were so disappointing! I received one treatment and was told to wait six months for results. Nothing. So I went back for a follow-up and waited some more. A year later, I’m about to go in for my third treatment and I’m still waiting for something noticeable.

For the cost of these treatments, I could have had a facelift! Some people may not be interested in that, but my personal belief is that you either want changes or you don’t, and you have to accept what it takes to get there.

Thermage may be great for some people. It’s almost painless, and it’s one of those things you can do and still show your face at work in a few days. I know I’m not looking forward to explaining the bandages and bruises from plastic surgery. But the results (and the right doctor will tell you this) aren’t very obvious at all. The before and after pictures in the doctor’s surgery are persuasive because it’s side-by-side, but no one who sees me on a regular basis can tell I’ve spent thousands to look this way.

I’m very disappointed in Thermage, but I have certainly learned not to be talked out of surgery if that’s what I really, truly want.

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