Gynecomastia Surgery

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I am out here searching for experience and to help...

I am out here searching for experience and to help set my mind at ease. I am planning on having gynecomastia surgery in the next few months and am somewhat worried. I have consulted with Dr. Paul S Gill in Houston (The Woodlands), TX and he and his office have definitely helped comfort me. They said I have a minimal case (grade 1-2 out of 4 I believe is how he put it) and that it should be a relatively easy procedure. They said they would be using a mixture of liposuction and excision of the gland, and it was going to take about 45 minutes or so. Regardless, I have started into a mass gaining/ body building program and am VERY ANAL. For whatever reason I can only find myself reading the negative and bad reviews out here on mistakes and other problems with this surgery. I want it to look normal and I cant help but think I cant have it. There hasn't been any reason so far to prove that I cant have the body that I want, but I just want some re-assurance that this surgery will look good and I can be comfortable in my own skin. Personal experience would be helpful as well regarding what to expect pre/ post op. Thanks everybody!!!
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