Wish I Had Gone to a Plastic Surgeon for This - The Woodlands, TX

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I had Cool Lipo done on my abs, flanks, and thighs...

I had Cool Lipo done on my abs, flanks, and thighs in 2009. I have some good results and it definitely removed fat, but I truly wish I had gone to a plastic surgeon. My biggest complaint was my poochie stomach area just below my belly button that would never go away no matter how thin I got. That is gone. HOWEVER, I have been left with lumps and bumps and all kinds of bizarre looking terrain all over my belly. I have the dreaded "donut" around my belly button. And there was no change at all to my inner thighs - despite obvious fat deposits, the doctor was never able to suction anything in those areas. I went back TWICE for touch ups to try and smooth my belly and eliminate the "donut," but he was unable to fix any of the lumpiness issue. It was SO inconvenient to have to deal with all the drainage and the garments, etc. - not to mention the pain of the procedure itself, which is not insignificant - that I decided not to bother to go back to that doctor for a third touch-up, even though the touch-ups were free.

My BIG mistake is that I went to a doctor who is not a plastic surgeon. This doctor clearly had no idea whatsoever how to do this procedure AND to leave his patient with an aesthetically pleasing result. I look completely bizarre in a bikini now. :( I plan to eventually get my (now) plastic surgeon to fix this for me, but that will be another several thousand dollars.

I can't say this procedure is worthless, because there were clearly results and fat was most definitely removed. My caution is that if you go to someone who is not well trained in cosmetic surgery, you may be left with an ugly result, as I was. Make sure you get to see before and after pictures of patients THAT DOCTOR has performed this procedure on, and I would strongly urge you to only do this procedure through a well-regarded plastic surgeon to get the best looking results possible.

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At the time I had this procedure done, I don't believe any of the local highly-regarded plastic surgeons were offering any of the outpatient lipo procedures. Now, a few do offer some form of outpatient lipo. The doctor I went to (who I don't wish to name) I thought was well-regarded, but I found out later that he is not for this type of thing. I should have done better/more research.

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