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I am well into my 30's and my nose is still an...

I am well into my 30's and my nose is still an issue as it has been all my life. I am finally ready to shed this insecurity and improve my appearance. I did my research for reputable surgeons that specialize in Rhinoplasty surgery and the same results surfaced over and over! All arrows pointed to Dr. Lista and Dr. Ahmad at the Plastic Surgery Clinic (Mississauga, Ontario.) Both are renowned and have rights at several hospitals. The price range is a little higher than other clinics but for me personally, that isn't the # 1 factor. What matters to me are reviews from previous patients, credentials etc. because these are the things that ease my tension going into surgery. Also, being that the area of surgery is my face, I don't want to mess around with such an intricate surgery that could disfigure me!
I have my consult soon and will update on when my d-day will be and also, other details that I learn.

Had consult and booked my surgery date!

I had my consult and met with Dr. Ahmad. He was so young, I couldn't believe it. After all I read about him, I expected him to be older! He was so thorough and satisfied my concerns before I could even ask about them, as if he read my mind! He spoke to my imperfections as if he had been living with my nose for years! It amazed me! Also, he looked into my nose for mere seconds and identified that i had some difficulty with breathing through my right nostril. I always get sneezing fits because I get sharp, annoying sensations in my right nostril and it is almost like when that feeling hits, mucus starts to produce and I go into a blowing/sneezing fit that can last up to an hour! Winter aggravates it.

Anyhow, I felt so at ease and went from being nervous and on edge to being relaxed and excited. So long story short, my surgery date is September 5th. I have my pre-op tomorrow!!! I can't believe it!!! I'm very excited and I am sure my nerves will increase the closer the date gets!

I'll keep you posted!!!
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