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I will be in Thailand to get a TT and lipo at the...

I will be in Thailand to get a TT and lipo at the end of the month. I work in Afghanistan and will return 2 weeks after the procedure. Question is i wear body armor when i move from camp to camp in Afghanistan and it weights about 25 pounds. Will that be a major problem? I will only have the armor on while flying in helocopters. So i would need to have it on for 60 mins max.

5 weeks Post Op

I was curious on the swelling...Is this normal for lower stomach to look this way? I even got more stretch marks! This is not looking too good! My stomach looks so big!

before the TT/MR/LIPO

I look bigger post op then before the TT


My belly button also looks like a dogs anus...I am hoping that is just because it's still healing..



Almost 6 weeks Post Op

Morning after the gym
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