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Well iv written a very detailed review with what...

Well iv written a very detailed review with what iv learnt regarding stem cell fat transfer (i couldn't decide on implants or fat transfer) - so iv decided ... Both lol.
(ill copy the info onto this review at the bottom)

As my fat transfer is going to be done seperate from my implants, and with a different Dr this review will focus solely on the sculpting, fat transfer, and Vaser hi-def with Dr Sompob Sansiri at SP clinic, my other review will cover my breast augmentation and buttock implants with Dr Pichet.

- So the only way i can rid myself of saddlebags and inner thigh fat is to be underweight, but its not easy to stay so thin when your body naturally gains fat easy, and straight to the inner outter thighs, flanks and tummy creating a square butt (attached is a pic underweight 38kg VS 42kg) you can see i store the fat in the worst place.

-we all know implants alone cant fill an entire butt out, just the upper part, so i plan on having dr Sansiri harvest the fat with tumescent lipo to preserve the life of the fat cells

-upon informing my surgeon who suggested i gain weight to have more fat to transfer, i explained im to frightened to gain weight, iv always been a fit person who takes care not to gain weight....what if it doesn't all get removed i asked? he suggested we do VASER hi def after the fat harvest to be sure all fat is removed and to sculpt my abs.....sound pretty darn good. my images show my abs half a year ago VS now. with vaser it will give me back my motivation for a toned tummy.

- so i stopped walking on the treadmill 2 weeks ago and after 3 days i can see the excess fat, im so uncomfortable and now my buttock looks worse than ever, but i got just 6 days to go.

my aim is a thigh gap, while being a healthy weight, and a rounder buttock, so fat removed from saddlebags and flanks. i also want my tummy hi-def to its old shape.

(here is what i wrote regarding stem cell fat transfer in my other review)
so far iv learnt the location of implant determines the area which will be augmented. the mid and lower buttock which contribute to the "round" buttock you wish to acheive cannot be done through implants in the intramuscular region as its to close to the scarum nerve, and very dangerous. These are things you should know before going into a procedure, as the drs wont always tell you, or will just assume upper buttock fullness is all you require. If your knowledgable about minor details such as implant placement, incision location / type, and how the augmentation is conducted, one can question his/her surgeon prior to surgery and ask "what about the mid / lower pole?" or "wont i have a pointed upper buttock"in which they should be able to address the concerns.
Not having the entire buttock region filled is one thing im worried about with butt implants, as i also want the full round look, but im unsure how i can acheive it with such little body fat, and i dont want the implant over the muscle as it will sag with age and has a higher complication rate :(

If i have fat grafting / stem cell grafting im aware i cant acheive much volume, and would be more contoured with the little fat i have. I noticed alot of surgeons here have said how no clinical studies in HUMANS have proven stem cells to assist with preserving fat in fat grafting, but a study and trial has been done using human fat injected above the skull of mice as babies and the fat was measured and it appears to have some positive results with fat retainment. If it was regular fat grafting i would pass it up and say implants but although it hasnt been proven to work in humans yet, i dont see why the cells would work differently in the body of a mouse than the body of a human who has an even larger blood supply available. -

I'm here in bangkok

So Iv had a few issues with my dental treatment which has set my surgery dates back unfortunately. Yesterday I finally went to my consult to meet dr Sansiri, and after the consult I started thinking that perhaps the fat transfer isn't required.

The reason I wanted the fat transfer was to fill the lower buttocks to cover the implants, but dr Sansiri explained the fat can easily leak into the implant pocket and excrude from the incision site of the implants, and as implants are a major surgery with infection risks I would prefer to reduce those risks as much as possible. He was happy to do the stem cell fat transfer on the sides of the buttock (hips area) but on the way back from my consultation I thought, what type of look am I after?

I wanted the bubble butt type look Iv seen many other girls on here want, but then I realised most of the people here are from the USA where the Kim kardashian look is desired after, but I thought to myself, do I like that look? And is that look acceptable in a country where Kim kardashian isn't as "admired" for her figure as she is in America?

I have no objections to those who admire the fat apple butt, and I think it looks great, however here in our country it's about looking toned and fit which is when you see the "side dent" as this is caused by the muscle protruding. I think being on these forums without many other Australians worried about their asses I forgot what our culture considers nice, and what I consider nice, which is athletic fit and toned, not like we eat anything we want and are blessed it goes to the right areas.

I hope I don't offend anyone with my thoughts, and please don't get me wrong, all body types are gorgeous, and i love a feminine women's figure as much as I love a toned figure. I think it all comes down the ethnicity and cultural differences, personally I think Latina looking ladies look amazing with rounded buttocks, and curvier shapes. But unfortunately as much as I wish I was (as the Latin look is gorgeous) I'm not Latin. I'm a mini little Caucasian lol.

So anyway Iv decided no fat transfer, just the Vaser liposculpture on the buttock area to contour the shape, and Vaser hi def abdomen. I feel a little annoyed with myself, as it means Iv gained weight for no reason BUT it's not all bad, as once the fat is removed from these certain areas and I go back to healthy eating I won't be having the excess fat in the areas which don't do justice for my shape, so it's not all bad.

Anyway I'm of for my consult with dr Pichet now. I'm booked in for my lipo tommorow.

Had the Vaser liposculpture of buttocks

So I had the first step towards a nice butt completed yesterday. Unfortunatley the dr had booked a few surgeries on the day, so instead of going in at 1pm like planned, I didn't go in until 5pm, but they set me up in a room with cable so I could watch TV. I also take medications, and although I was told no food or water, I had to have a tiny sip to take my tablets.....this was apparently a big no no even though the amount of water I had was prob the same amount as swallowing saliva....so I'm guessing you can't do that either LOL

I had the hi def female abs done I have to say the hi def feels like you done 1000 sit-ups. I wanted to go home to my little girl, so the driver waited for me to finish surgery around 8pm. As one of the roads had road works the driver asked me if I could walk home.......I was thinking WTF ... Are you serious, but instead the driver seemed to take a few alternative routes and he got me back to my appartment safely - thank god, as I was still drugged up and wobbly on my feet, had no idea where I was going, or where I was, so thank god he found alternative route.

Going in to the procedure was very uncomfortable, I was scared, and I HATE needles. At around 1pm I put some "dr numb" numbing cream on the areas on the back of both hands where I assumed I'd have a drip. By the time I went in for surgery, the areas where totally numb BUT the nurses didn't even put the drip in those places, just the side of my wrist, and when in the vein the weight of the needle started to protrude, so it was lifting the vein up and away from my arm. and I'm not gonna lie, it was painful. I started moving as I was uncomfortable with the pain, but I was legs and arms strapped down, so they quickly administered the sleeping drugs which made it hurt more, but before I knew it I was outa there. I'm guessing they moved the drip once I was asleep as I awoke with what looks to be, 3-4 attempts of vein pokes. Today (the day after my wrist area is HUGE today, and VERY bruised, but I'll survive. I think they also tested me with the antibiotics, as when I awoke, I had a needle point on the opposite arm and was told I was allergic to the antibiotics they originally gave me to take home, so the nurse swapped them.

Pain last night was pretty uncomfortable, weirdest thing is, with the ab defining, you can feel little "popping" sensations around your abs, like little candy pop rocks. Iv been sorted out with plenty of medication, and at the moment I'm all wrapped up in bandages and plastic and stuff, which I have to return to the clinic today and have changed, as I can feel some fat leaking out of the wholes which is apparently normal. Iv taken some photos to show...sorry about my ladie parts in the photos, it's easier to not wear panties. You can see the absorbent sponges appear to have soaked up heaps. Hopefully I can get some photos later without the bandages.

Just saw results without bandages

One thing I should mention which I found pretty unfair, is dr Sansiri had agreed to do a fat transfer for $2500 for Brazilian butt lift. To do this he said we would lipo the FLANKS, WAIST, ABDOMEN, and INNER/OUTER thighs.

I explained how I feared gaining weight, and didn't want any fat left over in the areas he was going to harvest the fat, so he suggested he goes over the areas with Vaser lipo to remove any extra fat, this sounded good and was $1000 extra, so I agreed.

Then I decided I wanted the stem cell fat transfer done, in which he kindly offered it for an additional $1500, but I was able to request it for $5000 aud.

So it was all set, I went to the consult where he selected areas where he would harvest the fat which was the areas mentioned above.

I paid the remaining of the balance $4680 I owed (as a booking fee off $300 Usd is required) after I had left the clinic I had a change in thoughts as to what I wanted done, and the look of buttocks I wanted, which is athletic, not "fat", so I cancelled the fat transfer, and requested $2000 aud back from the money I had paid. Dr Sansiri explained that I was already getting a good deal, so he would return $1000. I responded by saying that he only wanted $3000 for the fat transfer itself and $1000 extra for the stem cells transfer, and at the very least I wanted $1500 returned which he agreed. I informed him I just wanted buttock contouring done. But this I meant the whole buttocks to be contoured, as we all know, the upper buttock/flanks play a MAJOR roll in the appearance of a butts shape.

So I return before my procedure in which he says he will lipo outer thigh and do hi-def Vaser on abdomen.... I said, what about my inner thighs? He claims I would have to pay more to have my inner thighs done...even though he was going to lipo them ALL anyway before. So I said I would like my entire amount returned (minus the booking fee) as I could get it all done cheaper at Navaree clinic (which I had emailed before selecting sp clinic)

Anyways he changed his mind and said ok, I just pay an extra $500 (so instead of him refunding $1500 of my money, he would refund $1000)
I was pissed but thought, I was here now, might as well do it. I asked dr Sansiri to sculpt the buttocks with Vaser in a rounded shape, and showed him images as to what I was after, he understood fully and all was good.

Today I had my first look without bandages, the lower buttocks looks great from what I saw, but not much fat removed from the inner thigh, perhaps I was still swollen, so I can't say at this point. One thing I'm majorly pissed of about is .... He didn't lipo the flanks. The flanks where the main reason I wanted the hi-def lipo, to remove every bit of fat on them, but it's all still there.... I'm devastated, as Iv now paid $4000 and still will have a squared shape. I'm about to let him know now, hopefully he plans to remedy the situation.

Quick update

Ok he said he did do the waist, abdomen, inner and outer thigh, and I can see some bruising near the flanks, so I'll just give it time before I judge. The dr himself is a lovely person, very busy, but seems to know exactly what you mean when you ask for something, so at this point, besides the money mishap which may be my own fault for changing my mind last minute, SP clinic is pretty good.

The Vaser hi def itself is a bit of a challenge. In a small area on the lower abs I feel a sence of ripping/tearing/burning, and the skin itself is very sensitive, yet around that area it's still numb. The pain in that area is only there whenever I move a certain way, but the rest of my tummy is just more of a discomfort.

If you have thighs or lower body done, be prepared for lots of nudity, although most of the nurses would have seen you nude in the operating room, it's a lil awquard standing in the nude, while some bandages around your lady bits. But after having a baby, most women cross the borderline and no longer feel that ashamed. I know if I hadn't had a baby, and had an experience where everyone in the room focused on my vagina, then I sure would be feeling very scared hahaha.

I got my compression garments today, and have been told I can shower, and just to keep the waterproof bandaids on until after. I have a funny feeling the shower is going to sting, almost like a blister, but the whole torso. They gave me bettadine/iodine to put on the incisions after I shower, and told me to leave the band aids off.

The swelling comes and goes, sometimes I'm very VERY swollen, other times just swollen. Most the swelling is in the lower abs/pubic region. I'm having bad tummy cramps, I'm unsure if this is related to the excess fluid/fat being reabsorbed or not.

I have been reading other reviews and it appears other des put drains inside, but they are extremely painful when being removed. Dr Sansiri hasn't used drains on me, just open incisions which have been leaking a little bit, but nothing bad. As other people have had drains for a few days and leaked plenty of fluid I wonder how my fluid will come out? Hopefully not the incisions.

At home I brought an ultrasonic massager of eBay from when I did my own mesotherapy. On a few sites Iv read that recovery period is quicker with ultrasonic massage, so I went to plug it in, and even though it works in Australia, there must be a difference in the voltage here in thailand because it doesn't work, it shows power going to it, but not enough to power it up.

Any who, I'll updates if anything happens, but for the time being, it's just discomfort, major swelling, lots of bruising, and an upset tummy.


The implants feel as though they are healing well, but the Vaser bruising is brutal. Iv been rubbing arnica cream on them, and not having much luck. I hope they fade soon

Blue butt

Also the blue around the butt implant in my last photo is just from the texta marker used during surgery, Iv been massaging the buttocks aswell as bruises with arnica so it's smeared in the areas, no need to worry ;)

I dont know if i made the right choice :(

So its been 9 weeks now, and doing a quick browse i see people after vaser hi-def showing some pretty impressive results, yet i look down at my tummy and im really embarrassed. I contacted Dr Sansiri some time ago who said it will be a while before results are visible, but im starting to stress that i should have some results by now, but instead my tummy looks horrible and distorted. other people seem to have great results after high def vaser lipo, yet i look Less toned now than before i had the procedure. i used to have the slight outline of abdominal muscles which could be seen through any tight fitted shirt, but now its just flat, with a few lumps...

my inner thighs are good, but under the buttock region is now lumpy and looks like cellulite, which i didnt have prior. Im not sure if this is still swelling, or if these are my results, either way, at this point, i want to kick myself. I had a gorgeous little belly, and i destroyed it. i had minimal cellulite on the back of my thighs, now im riddled with it.... is it normal to be distorted and lumpy 9 weeks post op?
Dr Sompob Sansiri

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