The Nightmare of Doctors in Australia with Prejudice and Outcome of Having Surgery in Other Countries - Thailand

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My Experiance began when i rang Global Health...

My Experiance began when i rang Global Health Travel to organise having a small breast lift and implants in Thailand i have researched the hospital which was bumrungrad Hospital ranking in as of of the worlds leading hospitals and i researched my Doctor... Dr Teerasit one of the best boob doctors around rave revues everywhere i looked and asked. I would like to begin by saying the service i received from Global Health Travel was superior as they organised all my appointments and facilitated all my accommodation and aftercare they took all the guess work and stress out of such an important arrangement. So i arrived in Thailand was picked up by my own personal driver treated like a princess and debriefed by my own personal nurse as to what would be occuring in the next couple of days and how they would be with me every step of the way. I went for my consultation with my doctor the following day he was fantastic he was extremely realistic about my options and the procedure. He went through all he cons and pros with me and all the risks big and small and even showed me photos of all the things that could go wrong and gave me ample opportunity to ask questions he then ask me what size i would be comfortable with and also suggested the size that would best suit my breast condition since i had had 6 children but left the choice ultimately upto me and said that if i changed m y mind that i had up untill the time of the operation to still choose a different size if i wanted. I choose to have my operation the following day so the hospital ran every test possible to make sure that i was physically fit to have such a procedure my blood tests and x rays where taken and and a total history of any medication i had taken and if i had any type of mental illness was also taken under consideration they where extremely through and once that was all clear i was given the all clear for the procedure and operation . The hospital it self was state of the art in every single aspect it put any hospitals in Australia to shame by no exaggeration. So the procedure went ahead and he next morning i woke up with beautiful 400cc implants and small lift under the muscle the nurses at he hospital where at my beck and call and constantly checking everything and topping up my ice packs every half hour they honestly made me feel like royalty i had special electric automated pressure garments put on my legs after the operation which i was very impressive because in Australia halve the time they forget to put the compression stocking on you after an operation.( i think they are in relation to blood clotting remember this statement as it will be relevant later on in this review) My doctor came to check on me twice while i was in hospital once in the morning to see how i was feeling and if i had any concerns and how my breasts where looking and once again before my discharge to also check how i was feeling how my breasts where looking if i had any concerns and also to advice me of any and all after care things i needed to do between consultations with him i was also given and information sheet about everything i needed to do post my operation just incase i forgot he also explained to me all the medication i needed to take and adviced me to contact him straight away if i had any concerns . A few hours later i was dischaged and escorted to my fully serviced apartment with my personal nurse that was arranged by Global Health Travel. My nurse made sure i attended all my follow up appointments by day 3 i started developing bruising around the bottom part of my right breast the doctor did not seemed concerned nor did he GHT nurse they said it was normal and to take it easy by day 4 the bruising did get worse but by day five and 6 the bruising seemed to get better day 7 i had my last follow up appointment with my doctor who noted that i still had bruising but that it was looking better and discussed with me all the things i needed to do for the next three weeks in relation to my breasts messages steri strips when to start showering as per normal dos and do nots and i was alos given a fact sheet and told if i had any concerns to not hesitate and contact the doctor i was to send regular updated photos of my breast every couple of weeks to make sure they where progressing correctly and son that he would give me feed back of anything extra i need to do. Two days later i flew home to Australia this was a Wednesday by Friday morning i noticed that i had excess fluid sitting on the bottom of my right breast i decided to do some online research and discovered that i may have a hematoma i went to my local doctor and asked her to examine me and asked her for a referal for an ultra sound to confirm my theory my theory was right i had a large hematoma between my beast tissue and implant, As my incision where through my nipple it was discovered that due to the pressure that the hematoma on my breast the fluid was trying to escape from my nipple and not letting my nipple heal correctly the fluid was clear and tere was no sign of infection or pain. The doctor took my temparature and my ops and found everything to be normal i requested that the doctor guve me a referal to the emergancy department as it was a friday and it would be difficult to find a plastic surgeon on short notice to drain the hematoma i also asked the doctor for a script for antibotics just to be on the safe side. On arrival at Monash Hospital in Melbourne Australia i was seen by the emergancy doctor who told me that i had a hematoma and that my nipplke looked healthy but that the fuild needed to be drained as it was putting pressure on my nipple is assured me it was a straight forward procedure and i had nothig to worry about he also took a full blood count which showed that i was very healthy with no sign of any infection at all. He then contacted the plastic suregon team that was located at Dandenong Hosptial in Victoria Australia i was then booked in there to have my breast drained the next day on arrive the night before i had a consult doctor come to see me and ask me where i had my implants done i told him in Thailand he was extremely aggitated by this and told me that this is the reason why this is happening to me because i had my operation overseas and i was the second patient he has had this week that has had an operation in Thailand his prejudicial view was clearly obvious as was his contempt. I was then asked to sign consent form to approve the surgeons to drain my breast. The doctor then priscribed heavy antibiotics that where injected straight into my vien heavy pian killers and a drip the next morning at 8 am i was told to quickly have a shower as i was about to be wheeled into surgery, i begain to become anxious as my husband had yet to arrive so that i could discuss anything with him and for his opinion on anything. as i was being wheeled into theatre i was asked to quickly as to sign something they had amdened in hand writing something saying +/- implant the surgeon then quickly explained to me that they may need to take out my implant clean it and put it back in but if i had a visible serious infection they would not put my implant back in. I agreed that only if i had a serious infection would i allow m y i plant to be removed When i woke from surgery i found that they had removed my implant although they found no visable sign of infection but the sugeon just decided to remove my implant just incase he said i would be a sitting duck for an infection was his justification. To date no infection was every recorded on my file and only after my operation was a blood test done to see if i had any infection all swabs of he fluid found in my breast and breast tissue came up negative for any infection. i was then told by the surgeon that i would have to wait fix months before i could have a new implant so so make so that there is no infection and that my body heals how can i heal from and infection i dont even have and didnt even have any signs of any infection is beyond me and now i have to live with one dd cup size breast and one A cup breast i am mentally devastated by this and am completely and utterly disgusted my the Australian Health care system and their public hospitals ps.... after surgery my wound was never covered to protect me from bacteria or infection and i was never dressed in compression stockings after he surgery. its the old saying of shoot now ask questions later all the surgeons heard was Thailand and from their they had made their decision . I have no money to replace my breast and have to now take anti anxiety medication in direct result of this butchers actions who calls himself a plastic surgeon. And we the Australian tax payers are paying to keep him in work in our public hospitals. This has been the worst experience of my entire life and as dramatically and drastically affected myself my friends and y whole family i would never recommend ever seeing a plastic surgeon in a public hospital in Australia. I wish i had waited and gone to see breast specialist in a private hospital someone who would have run all the thorough tests prior to opening me up . I have been left disfigured and emotionally scarred. ps please excuse all my spelling and punctuation mistakes
Dr Teerasit

months and months of research about this doctor and the countelss amount of verbal and written feed back

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