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Hello! I’m Nui, I’m 27 years old. Today I’d like ...

Hello! I’m Nui, I’m 27 years old. Today I’d like to tell my experience at The Sib Beauty Clinic, Thailand to you all in Real self. I’m not really satisfied my breast. They aren’t beautiful but so small. When I wear a lovely dress or some clothes, It’s not beautiful as well as it’s possible. I had a dream If I work and have some money enough, I will do my breast Augmentation and today my dream come true.
Before, I had to search some information to make sure and safe my body. I saw reviews in every clinics but I walked in to The Sib Clinic, Thailand coz the doctor is a woman who is friendly and gave some details clearly. I decided to choose mentor silicone 350 cc. I rested about 3-4 day I can work.
However, everyone doesn’t like surgery but I think different. Our bodies are difference we can change them better as well as the way they are. Some people have perfect body but I’m not. Now, I’m pleasure and happy on my body. I have some picture to show you. What do you think?
Dr.Darin Muangthai

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