Went from a 32AA to 32 Small C Using 350cc Smooth High Profile Implants Under Muscle Placement

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I went from a 32AA to 32 small C using 350cc...

I went from a 32AA to 32 small C using 350cc smooth high profile implants under muscle placement.

Treatment was wonderful! Dr. and staff also great. I did this due to having small saggy breast. Very well known recommended Dr. I'm very pleased with the treatment. I have no other concerns except the one I stated above.

I had a BA 2 weeks ago today. I understand that you have to give it time and that one breast may look larger than the other or higher. However, my left breast is my smaller breast and seems to have been placed a little to far under my arm. The left breast also dropped about a week after surgery. Could the left breast look and feel like this due to dropping? The right breast hasn't dropped yet. When the rt breast does drop will it also look more lateral and under the arm? I'm also wearing a strap to help the right drop. Other then this the breast look great! If anyone can answer this it's greatly appreciated.
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My Friends had wonderful results. Plus I'm still awaiting a final product!

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