21 Years Old and Implant Removal - Thailand, TH

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In 2014 i went to Thailand myself and got round...

In 2014 i went to Thailand myself and got round implants 450cc. I was an originally a C cup It was very scary and a strange feeling once i got them. When i got them i was thinking straight and thought to myself i'm hear now and paying good money for it i might as well get the biggest size possible turned out to be an E Cup after surgery. Now its almost 2 years later and put on weight and now i'm between a F to G Cup. Its a shock to me how huge they are now and being only 21 and only around 5 foot tall as you can imagine they feel heavy and put pressure on my back. I only put weight on in the last 6-8 months which i'm happy with and not planning to take it off. Around 2-3 months ago i decided the best thing for me to get the implants removed. It is very expensive to do even to get removed but in saying that i found a great place that i will be going in August to get the implants taken out of. I'm really hoping that they will look great after even though the skin would of stretched from where the implants were. I can't wait to be able to fit into sexy bras, not feel like I've got extra weight on my back that makes me hunch over because of the size of them and just that i will feel normal about them and that no one will look at me. I never felt self conscious when i had the boobs and just wished that i was thinking straight when i got them and only got a DD max. Don't feel scared to share your story as well. i will keep updates after when i go for my over the phone consultation on August 1st, 2016. I will not be posting any photos thought due to it is the internet and i don't want it all over the media or in public view.
Dr Narupon

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