Breast Augmentation at The Sib Clinic, Thailand

Hello! Friends. I’m also got breast augmentation a...

Hello! Friends. I’m also got breast augmentation at the sib clinic, Thailand too. Today I’d like to share my experience for someone who wants to get surgery and prepare yourself.
I haven’t knew about the surgery. I usually watched on television. Someone who has a good looking but someone hasn’t because the problem is depending one individual. I’ve been watching reviews on the internet in every clinic but I like The Sib Clinic because they’re look a natural and I also searching in the web site of the sib clinic too. I live in Thailand. I walked in to consult with Dr. Darin Muangthai it’s really easier to talking and sharing Dr.Darin’s technique. However, the result that I got a surgery with Dr.Darin because she is a woman who can get what I want and make me have more confidence. I chose mentor silicone 350 cc. I rested 5 days I can work. If someone is looking for a surgeon who can make a good breast augmentation. I think Dr.Darin is the good one that you have to choose.
Dr.Darin Muangthai

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