Lady Boy Got New Breast with The Sib Clinic,Thailand.

Hello! I’m from Thailand. Actually, I’m a lady boy...

Hello! I’m from Thailand. Actually, I’m a lady boy and my friends call me NooNay. I’m just a person who would like to be a beautiful girl. Today I’d like to share my new experience with breast augmentation for someone who wants to get surgery.
Everyone told me, I am beautiful like women and I can work about craft, cooking and play. So that’s why I have more confidence.
When I grew up, I have had a dream to be perfect body like a woman. However, present has a new technology, everyone can change their experience. Before I decided to get surgery, I searched some information and reviews from every clinics but I chose to get surgery with Dr.Darin Muangthai from The Sib Clinic, Thailand. Because the doctor is a woman who can get that I want. If you’re interesting, I’d like to suggest you to see reviews of The Sib Clinic. The doctor told me that chose silicone is properly body. Then I chose mentor silicone 375cc. They are the best silicone and to be with me for a long time. Finally, I’d like to show my pics after I got surgery with The Sib Clinic 1 month later.
Dr.Darin Muangthai

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