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I've written a post on previous liposuction that...

I've written a post on previous liposuction that turned out with results I wasn't very happy with because of the outcome I had to consider further liposuction.
Dec 2014
I obtained 2 quotes (I also posted a review on this) one from a cosmetic surgeon who said Vaser can be done (revision) on my back and abdomen he said "we want to try and avoid a TT" and will be done in one go = $14k in his rooms.
The second was a plastic surgeon who said Vaser can be done on my back but a tummy tuck will fix my abdomen problem and would only do them both together = $27k hospital. His assistant confirmed that he just will not do one at a time.

After my initial experience I was concerned about how I would sleep or even perform daily activities post surgery especially if I was going to have a TT, I wasn't going to select the first doctor because after much research I concluded that revision liposuction on my abdomen would make it worse. In my opinion both doctors were not concerned about what I would be going through post operation, liposuction is painful on the abdomen from my personal experience so is liposuction surgery to the back, when done together. Recovery is long and painful plus sleeping was very uncomfortable.

I decided that I would get Vaser liposuction to my back fist then after 6-12 months I would get my TT and it was going to be in Thailand.

Bangkok, why?
1. Bad experience initially with a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney
2. Lack of empathy by cosmetic and plastic surgeons here
3. Australia's cosmetic industry IS expensive
4. I've had rhynoplasty here in Sydney, the private hospital then, doesn't come close to the quality and care I recieved in Bangkok.
I chose a company to organise everything for me from selecting a surgeon, hotel, transfers, flights and booking my appointments with my surgeon. International Rejuvination also known as International Smiles took the stress out of everything, it was so smooth my CM also had cosmetic surgery done in Thailand and based in QLD this pretty much sealed the deal. I paid for the accommodation and flights here and paid for my surgery day of discharge.
Dr Montien was articulate and spoke English very well, no different from the foreign doctors who work in our medical centres and hospitals here.
One of the CMs gave me details of his credentials but also personally emailed me their experience with Dr Montien. It was a no brainer as Dr Montien also performed rhynoplasty on my brother and he had nothing but positive things to say about his experience.
8/1 - Consultation. He was honest and also said a TT would fix the issue he also said that me choosing to have the TT at a seperate time was beneficial to my recovery but also said it can still be done together but that it was up to me, now that's a response I needed of all my consults I felt as though I was in control and a surgeon who wasn't pushing me to do something I wasn't ready for, he understood when I explained my concern. He wasn't in it for the money.
He explained everything very clearly and asked me what I wanted, he drew on the areas (back) where he thought needed work done then asked me what I thought, he chose the areas I had concerns about but also explained to me the areas I wanted would not benefit from Vaser because of minimal results which wouldn't make a difference, it comforted me that he was honest about it as he could have easly upped the price for the additional area knowing that it wouldn't make a difference.
I must note, the nurses were absolutely WONDERFUL including the company's CM who helped with the admissions process acting as a guide but also as a translator she was instrumental during my stay.

9/1- Surgery @ 4pm - Taken to my hospital room. I was shocked because I was expecting the same type of private room as in Sydney (tiny room with shared bathroom) instead I walked into a room the size of my hotel room, large bathroom with bathroom accessories including tooth paste and toothbrush pack, shampoo and conditioner, comb, shower cap etc. mini fridge, coffee tea making facilities, microwave, flat screen TV complete with Western channels, lounge that doubled as a guest bed, extra pillows and blankets for friend/family member to stay with you with a curtain divider for privacy when you do have a guest stay with you. Way beyond my Top Hospital private health insurance could ever offer here.
Surgery room was large and very clean, Dr Montien was lovely and so was the anaesthetist, he was funny they all made me feel comfortable.

Recovery - I woke up in a recovery room and once I was lucid they wheeled me to my room. The nurse visited me every 1/2 hour to check on my BP up to 10pm but also to ensure I was ok, I was given dinner so I could take pain meds and antibiotics. The catering company based in the hospital actually gave me a call before my surgery to ask what I'd like for dinner and breakfast which I had to select from the menu but if I wasn't happy with the given set menu (4 dishes for each meal times) there was another menu I could select from for the prices between $5-$20 extra. Food was like eating at a bistro, in other words better than hospital food.
Sleep came easy as I wasn't in any pain just a little uncomfortable.

Next day - Dr Montien checked in on me, he was happy with how surgery went which was 2hrs, he showed me the fat in the canister 600mls

Discharge was smooth I paid for my surgery with my credit card, a consultant from billings came to my room with an EFT hand machine so didn't have to check out at the counter at this point I was already way beyond impressed....the efficiency of it all blew me away.
I was carted off in a wheel chair with a doggy bag of medications complete with tags with dosage and times including an A4 picture of the actual pills for clear instructions on what I need to take and when. I didn't have to buy more meds from the chemist, they gave me the meds needed for my recovery!

My hospital transfer was waiting for me and the CM to take us back to my hotel.

The day before I flew out I saw Dr Montien for a follow up, he was happy with my healing and gave me his personal email address in case I had any questions for him when I returned...I was speechless, I've never been given a personal email by a surgeon so freely here in OZ.... again a wonderful experience and then some with both surgeon and nurses in Bangkok.

My recovery has been uncomfortable but not painful, the only issue I have is the darn compression garment grrr....Dr Montien suggested I wear it for a month for best results *sigh*
I've had no complications so I haven't needed to contact Dr Montien
I'll try and upload the before and after pictures soon.

Conclusion- I will be seeing Dr Montien for my TT no questions about it.

Total cost including flights, accommodation and surgery $8k...totally worth every cent just for the care and hospital experience. I felt like I was really being looked after.

For anyone considering cosmetic surgery in Bangkok or Phuket. I'd suggest the following
* If it's your first time to travel to Thailand use a cosmetic tourism company as far as I know most of them use well known hospitals. While I was there I enquired about the other hospitals in BK - Samitivej hospitals are JCI accredited and a lot if locals including internationals use the facilities. Bumrungrad is a very well known hospital also JCI accredited and most of the patients that use the facilities are internationals, located in the centre of Bangkok and a lot more expensive than the othe hospitals apparently the Kings family uses the facilities here. I was quoted $9600k for a TT in comparison to $6k at Samitivej Srinakarin (the hospital I was in) and also specialises in Paediatrics.
* Piyavate Hospital mainly used by locals and catching up with the other well known hospital with cosmetic tourism
* a lot of the surgeons work in different hospitals I.e. Dr Montien operates at Bumrungraded and Samitivej Srinakarin, I think he also operates at a smaller hospital regularly used by the locals.
* Don't risk the price over facilities. I learnt the hard way, had I chosen a plastic surgeon who would have operated in a hospital for the multipal areas I had done I wouldn't have needed to travel to Thailand, instead I went with a cosmetic surgeon who used his rooms to perform the liposuction. Same applies in Thailand, if they don't operate in a JCI hospital you may not get the results you want, to be safe always ensure it's in a hospital and not in the surgeons rooms.
* the company I used, International Rejuvination offers a personal experience with a few packages that will suit travellers who are alone, with a partner/friend or group packs. Either way a lovely local woman Tan works for the company assististing you during your stay, from admissions to accompanying you when shopping :)
After the experience I've had I won't hesitate in travelling to Bangkok again for any of my cosmetic decisions. So many people asked me why risk it? but I have... I risked it here in Australia and now Bangkok is fixing it, I'm also considering revision rhinoplasty...that's another story that didn't end well.

Before and after photos

Here are two photos it's the result after my first liposuction in 2012. The post op was taken a day after my surgery after my first shower the spots is just shower water not as a result of the surgery :)

More photos 1 day post vaser lipo

Hospital pictures

Given that my post also had high praise for the care in Bangkok I wanted to upload pics :)
Dr Montien

Attentive, articulate, well spoken and honest. Dr Montien made me feel comfortable, I immediately felt at ease once I met him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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