27 Years Old, Vaser Liposuction for Abdomen and Hip, Thailand.

I am 27 years old. I have to tell you that Im...

I am 27 years old. I have to tell you that Im interesting in surgery. I am not beautiful at all.
I have a problem with my abdomen and hit when I ate. And I also eat a lot. Sometimes I exercised and use some detox for helping. But I can’t stand to do that. Because I worked hard and came back home very late. Sure ! I haven’t time enough.
I looked for another way to lose weight. I decided to walk in The clinic, Bangkok, Thailand to consult. And then I chose Vaser liposelection for abdomen and hip.
Vaser liposelection can help my body more shaper, reduce my fat, less injured and the long-term effect. But It can’t help you lose weight not much. After I did, I have to control the meal coz I won’t build the fat again. If you do vaser but you never control your eat or exercise. Of course! Your fat come here again.
However, I pleased my effect and have more confidence. I would like to suggest to anyone who is interested. You have to be sure and search for information and review.
My result after 10 days.
Darin Muangthai

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