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After having 5 kids and never having a c-section...

After having 5 kids and never having a c-section or never having a big stomach after a vaginal hysterectomy I was left with this. Yes vaginal hysterectomy. I'm having a scar revision, muscle tighten & hernia repair.I guess the good thing is I am not getting cut from hip to hip just in the center of my stomach. I'm not having the surgery because I want to I'm having it because the scar is not only ugly it's painful. I guess it's because of my protruding stomach. I am nervous as crap. I have a very high pain tolerance and I deal with pain. I bought a back pillow and compression socks. What else should I buy to prepare myself? Will I be able to eat? I usually drink ensure or boost after surgery 3 a day and it helps. My biggest fear is the having my muscles tightened. Can I get a few tips please? TIA

Surgery is done but...: (

I had my surgery yesterday and I must say that I am happy it is over with. Before my surgery I was taking 5 mg of Percoset for pain because of an old scar. I stopped taking the percoset two weeks before my surgery however I was prescribed Norco for post op care. I want to switch back to my Percocets so I can sleep actually be pain free. The pain is bad but not that bad that I can't tolerate it. Im so stubborn and I don't want to bother my doctor I'm confused should I call her or just switch medicines on my own....????????
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