Major Discomfort & Scared - Texas

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I went to a medspa and had the photofacial on my...

I went to a medspa and had the photofacial on my face & declotte. This was three days ago. When they did it they stated the redness would go away in a few hours. My declotte started out burning for most of the first night. I spent the evening with an icepack on it. It's still red and it's also purple with dark brown spots all over and it's keeping me awake at night itching. I've tried numbing cream to try and reduce the itchiness but not sure it's the right thing to be using on it because it's not helping. I woke up at 3am and tried all kinds of antiitch medicines but they're not working. I finally used ice to try and numb it. This worked well enough so that I could go back to sleep. It's driving me nuts... Is there anything that will work to stop this itching and is it normal to still be so red and irritated after 3 days?

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