22 Years Old, 500cc saline Implants Out

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Hi there ladies! I have found this site so...

Hi there ladies!

I have found this site so helpful before I got my implants and I am looking for some wisdom now.

Here is some info:
When I had just turned 19 I went and got 375cc Saline Mentor implants under the muscle. I healed fine and my surgery went well, but they have always been very large. Before my surgery I was a 32A, now I am a 32/34 DD/DDD. I can see some rippling on the sides and my implants move into my armpits when I am on my back. I had them put in under my breast crease. My plastic surgeon is no longer in practice.

For about a year and a half I have been considering getting my implants removed. I miss being small and comfortable. I have developed Fibromyalgia and my body is in constant pain. I have always wondered if the implants caused this. I miss feeling natural and I miss being able to run, sleep on my stomach, and not worry about my breasts always spilling out. I am worried about how I will look afterwards though. I have very thin tissue and I was so small before and went very large.

I am located in the DFW in Texas, but am willing to drive to find a good surgeon. I would like to keep the cost down, seeing as I paid $5000 to get them in. What do you guys think?

People think I'm crazy!

After finally building up enough nerve to start talking to friends and family about wanting these things out almost all of them said I was crazy!

My mother is so adamant that I should keep them and that I will look horrible after surgery. I keep telling her that it is my body and my money, but now she is saying she doesn't support my decision and doesn't want to hear about it anymore. We are very different people. She has always been worried about her looks and I just don't think she understands how much of a burden these things are. I had guy friends tell me that I will have a hard time finding someone after my surgery because I will look messed up.

I am so frustrated. What did y'all do about negative criticism?

For the ladies who have explanted...

I have a few questions for the ladies out there that have explanted.

Did you feel more natural afterwards? As in the weight of the implants was gone and you felt like you did pre BA?

I used to love sleeping braless and then with my implants they demanded constant support. I know you have to follow post-op for awhile, but eventually did you get to go natural?

I've been reading a lot about lifts and no lifts: What made you decide not to have a lift or to have one?

Did you eventually start to fluff and feel sexy again?

More pics

Stretch Marks

Alright ladies, here is a pic of my stretch marks with my implants. Will my boobs look horrible once I take them out?

Consultation is set!

Exciting news: Taking the slow steps towards getting these things out.

I have my consultation set up August 2nd with Dr. Roehl located in Houston, TX. I live in the DFW area so she will be a drive, but her results look really good and ladies on here love her. Nervous, but excited. Can't help, but look at clothes online that I will be able to wear again and that makes me happy.

Being single during this time is exciting and sets my nerves going. With a SO I know I would have that support and someone to make me feel sexy after the surgery, but it's ALL me and I am going to let that be enough. Going on dates here and there - who knows lol. Sort of scared to get involved and then pull a major change, but oh well, that's life.

I am going to start posting pics and updates more in hopes that other women will find my review just like I found so many of yours. You guys are the reason why I have any confidence in this surgery!

Rough Day

Today has been one for the books. For the past few days I've been waking up with pain in my right breast. I can feel the implant really tugging under the muscle and it's annoying me and is really uncomfortable. It makes sleeping a pain and I don't feel supported AT ALL unless I'm wearing a bra.

On top of that, I was discussing my upcoming consultation with my mom and she flat out told me she would not go with me. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if the surgery wasn't in Houston. I live in Dallas. I can drive there and back for the consultation alone, but driving after that surgery is a whole other ballgame. It is so frustrating to have her say she doesn't agree with what I'm doing and thinks I am stupid for doing so. I will bring it up to my dad. He may be able to go with me.

I have made my mind up to do this, but no one can seem to accept that. She thinks because she has naturally huge boobs that I am crazy for wanting to go small again, but at the end of the day she hasn't lived with these things inside of her!

I promise I'm done venting now.

Yay for moving forward - finally!

So it has been a journey since the last time I posted! I had some health problems (more fibromyalgia stuff) come up and I started classes again. To say I have been busy would be an understatement. But here comes the good news! I met with a surgeon in Plano and discussed getting my implants out. He does the procedure awake in his office and recently took out a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders implants. He did not push me to get them replaced. He agreed that if I wanted them out I should get them out because I had the surgery in the first place to be happy and I deserve to be happy now. He did an exam and said that he thought I still had a good amount of tissue and that it did not feel like much scar tissue had formed over the three years. He said that the pain I was feeling was because the original pocket created for the implants was too large and that's why the implants are moving into my underarms. He also said that they were quite large implants and that my frame was better built for a small chest. He isn't a plastic surgeon, but an OBGYN who specializes in cosmetic procedures. His staff was very nice and supportive of my decision. He is going to charge $1500 for the procedure plus the cos of the antibiotic and other meds. I am set to have them out in January once I am on break from school and have the funds. Here is to the countdown!


Hey ladies!

It has been awhile since I updated my review and most of the time when that happens people assume that the original poster either didn't go through with the procedure or hated the results and didn't want to post about.

Well I have been pushing away with school and working to save for the procedure. I will have enough money the second week in January and will book the actual date then when I can pay the first half of it. I have decided on Dr. Caruth in Plano. He was very realistic and made no promises of looking perfect. I am just trusting myself that it is enough.

Within the past month or so my right implant has shifted significantly. It is almost all the way to the side when I lay down and has to be picked up and put back in place. Some people do not know that I am getting that out and I plan to keep it that way. When they see me, they see me and that's that.

I promise to post photos right before and all the way after so you guys can see how they come out and how they heal over time. This site is truly what helped me and if I can help even one person to decide to do them for themselves because they are not happy then that will be great.

I hope you are all great and have a great holiday season!

Another delay

Hi ladies,

I am having a rough day today. I was informed today that the company I work for has been bought out and we have been given a months notice to find other work. I have saved to have enough money to cover my surgery and some time off, but now I just can't financially feel responsible in spending my savings when I'm not sure how soon I will be able to find another position. I have other bills and we all know how life can get.

I feel like when I finally find a doctor and am confident enough to go through with the surgery, another road block gets in the way. I am not giving up though. I will get these things out. I just feel so down. I was so ready to get these things out of me in the next month or so.

I am checking into resident programs at university hospitals in the area because my surgeon mentioned that they may be able to preform the explant under local (like he would) for a fraction of the cost, so we will see how that goes. I am just hoping and praying I can get these things out soon not only for my health, but to feel and look more like my real self.

It has been a journey, but I will get there...

Some more pictures...

As I get ready to set my date (looking at March 11, 2016) and am going next week to make my down payment I thought I would upload some pictures from different angles and such.

I have 500cc Mentor Saline implants placed under the muscle from a crease incision. I believe my implants were overfilled to 525cc, but I'm not too sure. I was an A cup before aug. and I am measuring at a D cup right now.

I hope my review helps anyone out there debating getting their implants out. It has been a journey, but I am ready to be implant free and owe so many thanks to all of the very brave ladies who have shared their stories and talked to me through my fears and doubts.

Pre Breast Implants

Found one picture of before the implants. SO tiny.

Right implant has shifted more!

Now my right implant has shifted even more. It looks terrible when I lay on my back:(

Set the date!

Today I met with my surgeon and scheduled my procedure! Dr. Nakamuara will take them out at his Arlington office. He will use local, so I am awake, and make a small incision in my breast crease to pull out the implants. He says it will only take about an hour.

I paid my down payment and have it scheduled for March 14th!

More pics before these things come out!

So I know my original blog had the wrong cc. I have 500cc overfilled to 525cc on one side to make them symmetrical. However after three years they have shifted quite a bit and I hate them now. Counting down the days u too March 14th!

Can't come soon enough!

Hey ladies! As my surgery approaches quickly (thank goodness!) I thought I'd share a sad picture:( my implant has shifted even more and looks so depressing. March 14th hurry up!

Tell me what your surgery was about!

So today I paid the rest of my balance for my surgery so now it's just waiting for the procedure on the 14th!

I am curious how all of you did with your surgeries. I am having mine done under local. My surgeon says he doesn't feel like pain meds will be needed, but I can call and get some if so. He hasn't mentioned drains so I'm assuming they won't be used. He said it's a simple procedure under local. Just cut and take out the implants and then stick me up. What was yours like?

Oh so close!

I stocked up on all the necessities and am getting nervous. I bought lots of vitamin e, body lotion, silicone scar strips for once I'm healed, lots and lots of cheap sports bras to find the right fit. I have my Valium filled for before the procedure. Monday, here I come!
Thank you all so much for helping me get to this point. I know we are all different ages, at different points in life, have different motivations for getting them out, but you have all helped me so much. You are my inspiration. I hope I can help someone like all of y'all helped me!

The nerves are kicking in!

I go in at 3PM tomorrow (March 14th)! I can't believe it is finally here. After so many set backs and obstacles I am taking a step to put my body first.

Right now as I'm getting into bed I can feel the nerves ramping up, but I think that has got to be natural for having surgery the next day. In case anyone new is reading this, I am have my breast implants removed under local. I chose not to have a lift at this time because I am only about to be 23, want to see how I bounce back, and am wanting to avoid the extra scars as of now. My surgeon said I can always come back down the road for an enteral lift if I feel like it is necessary. He actually didn't even mention too much about saggy skin believe it or not. All he really asked was "Are you ready to be small again?" And smiled with a chuckle as I said Yes!

For the ladies who have commented, messages, and shared about their journey, thank you, thank you, thank you. Before this community I didn't know it was a sane thought to want these things out and to wonder if they are what made me sick. You ladies are all so sweet and so inspiring. Your words of encouragement have helped me so much!

So here we go...

Goodbye boobs!

Last pictures of implants


The surgery went well! It was a little scary only using local, I'm not going to lie, but it was over before I knew it. I changed into my gown and socks, then was taken to have a cap put on and walked into the OR. I got on the table and they covered me up and put on some music. The shots didn't necessarily hurt, but I am the biggest baby with needles, so they got me. The two nurses in with me were amazing. One held my hand the entire time and got me cool rags when I got hot from my nerves with the shots. Once I was numbed up I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even know he made an incision. Then he used a heated pin to cut through the fat and then muscle. It isn't hot enough to break the shell of an implant though. It was warm. I could feel a warm sensation, and then there was pressure as a nurse pushed from the top and he pulled out my implant. The instant that first implant came out I felt like I could breathe. So much pressure was gone. Then he stocked me up which felt like tugging, and then did the other side. He wrapped me in an ace bandage and told me I could shower tomorrow. He said I had good tissue left. We are just focusing on keeping the sides tight because my implants always fell into my side. I feel zero pain and have no pain meds. Honestly I feel great. Don't be scared ladies. We all deserve to feel this good.

Just a little peek....

Drum roll...

So as I was getting to sit in some warm bath water I decided to take a peak! I'll take better pictures once I can full unwrap and shower tomorrow!

One day post explant

So as I was getting to sit in some warm bath water I decided to take a peak! I'll take better pictures once I can full unwrap and shower tomorrow!

Before and after

Third day

Finally got to shower (hallelujah!) and unwrap all the way. Snapped a quick pic and pics of my incisions. Both look good, one just had dried blood on it. I do feel deflated and the sides are squishy, but it's not a bad feeling or look. They are so light feeling that I'm not complaining, plus they are already a tad firmer so it should only get better!

What they look like laying down

Actually surprised

Loving these girls

1 week post-op!

Hi ladies!

I had my 1 week post-op appointment this afternoon. He removed my steri strips and said I don't have to wear the ace bandage anymore. My next appointment is in a month. He said they will shrink up some more, but more importantly he says they may raise up on my chest. I'm so happy with my results and for the pat two days have felt great. I honestly feel just like me now! Just wearing a simple front closure bra and using some vitamin e and staying mosturized. You guys this is great!

10 days post explant tomorrow!

Tomorrow marks 10 days post explant, or 10 days free as I like to call it. I am feeling great. Back working and attending class full time (had the surgery over spring break) and even with going all day I feel great.

Here are some funny moments:
-trying on clothes that once made me look heavy and realizing I still have a cute little body under those boobs
-my classmates' faces as I walked in looking very different
-finding myself leaning forward out of habit and then realizing, hey I don't have those things weighing me down

Some nice changes since the bags are gone:
-skin is glowing, much softer, almost more tan looking
-not as hungry (weird because I thought maybe it was the surgery) but nope I'm just not eating everything in sight anymore
-less overall pain/muscle aches
-no major migraines

Some of you ladies that explant may feel gurgling or popping, I did too because my implants were under the muscle. It is gone now. Just some air needing to be worked out. It is true when ladies say they change every single day. Pictures don't do it justice. They sit higher, feel more firm, and just oh so natural! I mosturized every day and massage my breasts and scars as per my surgeon. On a month I can start using scar sheets to help with the incision site. My body doesn't ever heal these well, but you can't see them even with my arms raised. I'll add a picture!

I feel so good to be through with those bags and work every day towards loving me for just who I am.

Hope you are all well! :)

Freedom feels good

Hey ladies. I am keeping up with posting pics because so many other profiles helped me come to this, but don't share as much after the process. So I'll keep up and share my progress for you ladies!


Hi ladies! I see more and more of you reaching your explant date and I am so so happy for you! Yay!

I've attached a picture laying down. They really are healing nicely. My left breast is near perfect to me. It's firm, sitting right, and doesn't feel thin. My right is being sluggish, but getting better every day. Has anyone else experienced this?

Overall I love my results. I can't wait to try on normal bras! I would have already, but these babies keep changing, so I guess my PS was right about being patient before getting sized lol! It's just so tempting. Sports bras and comfy and all, but I wanna try on clothes because I honestly feel 10 times sexier without implants.

How have you ladies been?


Plastic life

Hey ladies! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

I've lost count of how many days I am post op, but it should say it above this review lol. I feel great. My chest finally feels like it is a part of me again. Gurgling is gone, soreness is gone, and my incisions feel great. I massage both my breast and incisions every night. They keep changing ever so slightly every day. I decided to take a chance and try on a 34C Victoria's Secret sports bra and it was too big. So I'm guessing I'm a B, although they seem big to me lol. I guess I am still shocked I have this much tissue, but I think it has to do with the fact that I did gain weight with my implants. Not a huge amount, but I went from being a 98 pound girl to weighing a healthy 120 and loving my curves.

I feel good about my body most days, but as you all know, we are our own worst critics. Sometimes I see girls with perfect perky boobies and I feel a tinge of sadness that I'm 22 and mine are slightly more saggy. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was back to my flat A cup and super perky, but then I realize I still have some cleavage and I feel better. It's a battle each day to learn to love ourselves for what we are naturally. I believe that is the biggest change with no implants. We were all driven to get plastic surgery for some reason or another and now that we are natural (or about to be) we are faced with the realization that we are not perfect, we were not perfect even with the plastic fix, and that we have to learn to love the skin we are in. It's a hard world for that. We all know that. But we are all so very strong to make a decision for our health, for the betterment of our lives, and I admire every single one of you.

You are all so beautiful. Inside and out.

Tried on some bras today!

I decided to try on some bras and bikini tops today at Target. I'm fitting in a 34C!

Underarm boob?

Any ladies who have explanted, you have have a weird underarm fat/boob with dead with thin bands? Maybe I just need ones with thick bands of a different cup size. I'll get measured professionally at some point. It could also just need toning lol. Over all it's a ver minor thing in the wide scheme of things. Still love being alllll me! Just curious :)


Hey ladies,

I saw my surgeon today and I am officially released. No more follow ups.

I am incredibly happy with my results and I see that they still change a bit every week. I feel like I have my life back. I will post some more pictures layers night, but for now here is a 34C bra!

5 weeks post op!

I am really happy with my results. Considering I had 500cc implants in I feel grateful to have bounced back.

Almost three months

Hey ladies. It's been almost three months. Here are so quick pictures

Full body!

Hey ladies!

I thought I would post a full body picture in normal clothes. I am wearing a strapless bra in this picture. I hope you are all well! If you are reading this and debating explant, do not hesitate to message me or ask any questions. It was the best decision I have made!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nakamura was so calm and collected while operating. I was only under local so his calm bedside manner helped to ease my nerves. He is very quiet, but focused. When I went in to talk about getting my implants out he didn't talk about replacement because he knew I didn't want that. When I asked about a lift he honestly said to wait for my body to heal on its own and then reevaluate the need. He did not try to push anything on me. His staff is amazing. From the women who deal with paperwork to the two nurses in with me I loved them all. They made me feel safe and cared for. Karen, the nurse who stayed by my side the entire time was amazing. She held my hand and talked me through it all. His quiet nature may be off putting to some, but his focus to doing the best work possible goes far above it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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