Horrible Experience - McKinney, TX

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I'm 42 and too have had the same result....

I'm 42 and too have had the same result. I've been getting botox in my forehead and around my eyes. Each time I would get a few of these pimple like sores. Very painful...could not pop...bright red/inflamed. I had never in my life broken out in these areas.

In August - I had my botox redone..this time with the most I've ever had injected. Same areas. Horrible results. Bruising under my eye...that I looked like I was beaten up. Over 25 of these cysts on my forehead. They keep coming up around my forehead and eyes. My gal is a nurse..so I was initially concerned she used a dirty needle or had staff infection because she came from her shift at the NICU/hospital. I have bumpy blotchy skin...scars from the cysts. And she said she's never heard of this before!

I should demand my $ back. Last time I get botox! I just hope its not permanent damage.

Celebrity Spa in McKinney, TX

See your dermatologist...not someone who does this on a p/t basis. Save your money for surgery - permanent results.

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