will do it again in a heartbeat - Texas

I applied the peel on myself on Monday. I followed...

I applied the peel on myself on Monday. I followed the directions- very easy. I was orange and tight for a day and starting day three, just as indicated, I began peeling around my chin and mouth. Today is day five and I am completely peeled. I will say i notice a big difference in the tone, texture and overall appearance of my skin. I am sub-continent Indian origin and have been dealing with hormonal acne for almost two years. I tried everything possible short of Accutane which I just refused. I did a short course of antibiotics, tetnoin cream, hydroquinone, proactive, etc..the list and the costs are miserable to think about.

I am so happy I did the peel. While my skin is not 100% clear of acne scars, I see a significant lightning of the scars and the overall appearance of my skin is more bright and vibrant. I think with one more peel I can walk out the door with no make-up! The people at the Vitality Institute have been wonderful answering questions and helping me get the right products I need to maintain and improve my clarity while I wait for my next peel!

This peel is truly wonderful and I am going to do it again very soon.

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