35 Year Old Female - Kybella - Texas

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I had my first Kybella procedure four days ago. I...

I had my first Kybella procedure four days ago. I numbed with a prescription lidocaine cream at home an hour before procedure. At appointment, she also infected about 8 shots of lidocaine to further numb the area. They sting a bit, but not bad. The actual Kybella shots didn't really hurt too much at all until the end and started to sting in a few areas, but ice helped. I had two vials injected ($600 per vial) and I have an appointment in 6 weeks to do another session (predicting another 2 vials - for total of $2400 for total procedure). I iced off and on all day as well as took ibuprofen. I was surprised at the amount of swelling and bruising I have been experiencing (I didn't discover this website until after I got it done!). I can tell the swelling is slowly going down, but I am experiencing what others are calling the bullfrog look. It is noticeable to others, and the large bruises draw further attention to it. I'm staying home as much as I can ;) I added some photos of before the procedure and a few taken through today. I also took pictures of my bruising progression. My doctor was great and did tell me I would have swelling and possibly bruising for 5-7 days -- but I'm almost certain the swelling and bruising will go beyond that. I'm hoping I have good results and that going through this will be worth it! Will continue to update.

1 week after

The bruising is better but still noticeable, and the swelling has gone down almost to look like my before pictures (still seems a bit larger than before). But it has a fullness to it that seems to make it more prevalent. It still feels numb when I press on it. I look forward to seeing the swelling go down even more.
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