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Okay so I'm only 20 with no kids , and I'm looking...

Okay so I'm only 20 with no kids , and I'm looking for a doctor that's amazing at a breast lift with implants. I'm located in Texas. I'm a little hesitant about just going to any doctor simply because I'm African American , I don't want my Ariola's and nipples To look weird. also, scaring. If you have any suggested doctors please comment.

Dr Karu 2016

After VERY LONG RESEARCH I've decided to go with Dr Karu in Miami Florida. At first I was so caught on Dr Duran , my mom recommend I go with he too. But after researching and looking at her work I felt like she's a " butt doctor" as I call them. I wanted a doctor that specializes in breast. I read a lot of reviews on doctors in Florida & now I've made my choice.

20, Breast Lift with Impants Dr.Krau 500 CC

For my 21st birthday I decided to treat myself to a breast lift with implants. Although my birthday isn't until Christmas Eve, I wanted to be fully healed before then. I was an out of town patient I live in Texas and flew to Miami. Dr.Krau and his team were amazing!!! I am having a few complications but Dr Krau and his Nurse Nora are saying that it will heal up just fine. I am feeling a bit upset about this & I hope everything will turn out fine.

More pictures

It's just looking worse I feel so selfish for complaining about it BEFORE. The doctor is directing me to apply medihoney but when I did it , it basically stripped the whole thing RAW. I've read the package and it says that's what happens , to strip the tissue. I'm just worried there's a lot exposed & I just wish I can get it stitched up and start all over.

Well it's official. I've lost a nipple

So I've been trying to not go to another doctor and follow dr Krau's instructions but my mom told me to go to the doctor. I went yesterday and they scheduled me an urgent appointment with Scott and white plastic surgery clinic. Well , bad news. The doctor said that my nipple is dead. I contacted Dr Krau and he somewhat agreed but all he kept saying is that it can be fixed. I'm very upset at this point considering I paid 7 thousand dollars CASH and I'm only 20 years old no kids missing a nipple. Wtf. Anyway , the nurse did a dressing and Dr.Krau tells me to keep using the medihoney dressing. He says this can be fixed after I heal.

First time cleaning since the news.

Alright y'all so this is actually getting easier both mentally and physically for me. I've done all the crying I can do. Then I realized why am I crying ? People have been through worse than this and IT CAN BE FIXED. Although this is NOT what I paid all that money for , but hey it's life. It's a common complication so I'm just taking it day by day. Today is the day after I went to another doctor and he told me it was dead (it being the nipple areola area ) today I cleaned the wound ( as the doctors call it) with nothing but water. ( i was directed by both Nurse Nora - Dr Krau's nurse- and the nurse at Scott & White to NOT USE PEROXIDE anymore since I'm using the medihoney ) I was almost 100% sure that the whole thing was going to come off but it didn't. I pat dried it , put the medihoney on the things the nurse gave me , applied the gauze & the pad & put on my sports bra. I know many of you may think - am I in pain. NO I AM NOT ! can you believe it. ? No pain just feels like a regular scratch or something. But anyway , it does get a little irritated when it's time to clean & change the dressing. Dr Krau says it looks good , getting better and shouldn't open up anymore. <* crossing my fingers about that * but I feel like he's correct. I often wonder if this could've been prevented from getting so bad if I had used the medihoney sooner. Oh well, only God knows. Well enjoy the pictures I hope they aren't too graphic for you'll. Just trying to keep it as real and honest as possible.

Better or worse ?

Hello everyone. It's 4am here in Texas and I'm just waking up from a nap ( don't you hate when you over sleep ) haha. Well today I had some itching , I'm assuming it's because I'm starting to heal. I did another dressing change , well I'm still debating if I want to just let it air out tonight (I probably will ) just a couple new things : although Dr Krau says it shouldn't open anymore , I feel like it has. Maybe it's just my mind because the dead tissue is coming off , it looks like it's more open ?? Idk please comment on what you think !! Good news THE SMELL IS ALL THE WAY GONE. YAYYYY no sure if I mentioned how BAD it smelt in the past but that odor is gone. I can see that some skin is starting to form , ( at the top where my areola would have begun ) I can also see a little clear stitch poking out too. The skin around my breast is itching also , not sure why. The what used to be , nipple is still there as you can see. Wondering when it's going to come off. There's like a little pool of blood that I can see but it's not bothering me. I am still not in any pain. I sent Dr Krau these photos ( I send him some every day ) and I'm still waiting for him to reply. I'm sure he's sound asleep since it's 5am his time. I'm not worried or anything , just want him to see the progress. I am a little worried about the shape of this breast , as you can see the difference. I hope that it's nothing major. Hopefully it's just the swelling from the wound and nothing with my implant or tissues / muscle. My biggest fear with this whole thing is having to get the implant removed / going back under the knife / infection. Tonight I'm going to sleep topless and with no dressings to let it get some air , maybe for about 2 or 3 hours. I've also noticed a small little opening with my good boob , I hope it's nothing to be worried about. Looks like a little skin shedding inside of my bra also. Well, that's all for now please comment.

Just another update

Hey y'all , I promise to not stop posting. It's just no need to post every day if nothing's changed. Well , so far I've had about two meltdowns I've started to become a little more emotional about the situation. Especially when people ask if I'm healed or whatever. I'm so embarrassed to be with any man because I'm missing a whole nipple. Like gross. I'm just ready for this to be over. Anywho , everything is coming along slowly but surely. The rotten tissue has melted away , thanks to the medihoney. It's looking so much better. Dr Krau and I talk almost every day I send him pictures when I do the dressing changes. One time he said I could back to Miami to get it surgically cleaned , but it wasn't mandatory . I wanted to come anyway but he told me to hold off for a week , and within that week he said I didn't need to come because it's coming along just fine. Here are some updated pictures.

Another 2 month update.

Hey y'all. I didn't forget about updating its just that time takes over & there's nothing really to update until now. Well let's just say these past 2 months emotions have taken a toll on me. I believe I was depressed for a while. I missed the whole summer ( couldn't go swimming or get in water dude to my wound , didn't want to get infected ) I didn't even buy a swim suit. :( then , people are always asking to see my new boobs & sadly I can't show them or I can only show one. Life took a toll on me as well & I ended up becoming a dancer ( stripper ) my club is topless but because of my situation I wear pasties Or I just don't take my top off at all. I've had a lot of questions / complaints about it. Once I had some guys with a stack of money & when I got off stage they said they didn't tip me because I didn't take off my top. It sucks but I'm just ready to get this over with. On the positive side , I have been healing up nicely I suppose. Im not busted wide open anymore. I don't have any pain , no itching or foul smell anymore. I stop using the medihoney I'm not sure when but basically once the dead tissue was all gone I just used the Vaseline coated gauze & then slowly nothing at all. There was one little piece that would not heal up it would scab and then become raw again that was really frustrating. I'm now just hoping that it heals up as brown as possible. So I don't have to get a major skin graph. I don't want any more scars on my body ! Do any of you have tips on that ? Well here go pictures. Please feel free to comment.
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