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I literally have only been wearing Invisalign for...

I literally have only been wearing Invisalign for 15 days, and had my attachments put on today, so it's still early days, but I really think that the worst is behind me now. The first 4-5 days of using Invisalign were pretty nasty, I won't lie. It was so was the same feeling of wearing extremely tight shoes that don't let your toes move and make you feel bruised and battered. Taking the trays off wasn't a massive issue, but putting them on made me yelp. Also, my tongue cut pretty cut up from rubbing along the edges of the trays. On day 5 though, I started to see the light. I stopped yelping when putting the trays in. The tongue didn't hurt anymore. I could wear the trays without putting wax on all of the edges. And playing flute with them in wasn't all that hard (it wasn't a walk in the park either!), but I soon found out that I could play flute almost perfectly (99%) with the top tray in and the bottom tray out, so that's what I did whenever I had a gig.

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