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I tried Lipodissolve during this past Summer with...

I tried Lipodissolve during this past Summer with horrible results. I'm within my normal body weight, but I had a small pouch from having triplets. I went to a doctor in Villa Park , CA who had place an ad in the local newspaper promoting this procedure. He examined me briefly and then said I could start right away. The pain was horrible. Burning, red swollen welts all over my torso. I was this way for 3 weeks. When I returned for my second visit, I still had pain from the first round so we did a different area on my torso area. I did better this time because he put a numbing cream on before the injections. I had to pay the balance due at this time which was approximately $4000. The last time I went, was the worse. I developed a reaction to the Lipodissolve injections. I was extremely red and swollen, with vomiting and diarrhea and than I past out. My husband had to call the paramedics and they accused him of beating me severely. They could not believe that a reputable doctor would do this to someone and send them home. I could not defend my husband due to the state I was in. I was rushed to the hospital with potassium leaking from my cells. I was in danger of going into cardiac arrest. I had to stay in the hospital overnight getting potassium painfully administered through an IV in my arm. I went home the next day and it took and additional three weeks to recover. I never completed my series. When my husband contacted the beauty spa/doctor for a refund, he laughed. He said my reaction was not his fault and he was not responsible. He would not refund the unused portion of my fee nor did he care about my well-being. I would not recommend this procedure for anyone.
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