terrible experience and still feeling the effects

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Manchester Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had a terrible experience with Dr Homer when he worked for the transform medical group in boden. Having promised to fix my deviated septum and breathing problems I went ahead with the surgery costing in excess of 6k. Once the splint came off and the crust beneath the nostrils had crumbled away I got terrible continuous nose bleeds. I lost 5 pints of blood and had to be rushed to hospital to get my nose packed. Dr Homer then informed me that he had made the nasal cavity too large and that a second operation was needed. after the splint came off for the second timeI noticed that each time I breathed my nose made a whistling sound. This was horrendous and sleeping was nigh on impossible. During my check up he then informed me that he had accidentally drilled into the bone creating a small hole hence the whistling sound. He said that it could be easliy fixed with some kind of surgical button. This button is still up my nose to this day and I have to continuously adjust it to make it sit at the right angle or my nose begins to whistle. I couldn't believe the incompetence of this professional surgeon. It took me years to save up the money and to pluck up th courage to go ahead with this operation and it has left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

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