Botox 11's, Crow's Feet and Brow Lift - Temecula, CA

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Tomorrow im getting botox for the second time, im...

Tomorrow im getting botox for the second time, im going to a different injector and getting an extra area injected!... last time, around June, i had 12 u on my 11's and 4 u each side for crows feet, this time im trying a brow lift too, and the injector said she will be using more units for crows feet... soooo im a little bit nervous.
People..... wish me luck!!!!

Day 1

I got a total of 32 units
12 on my 11's
4 each side for brow lift
6 ea side for crow's feet
I will post a picture update on day 3

I can see a difference

Not so much on the lift, i know it was supposed to be a subtle difference, so im not sure what to expect from it, but its only been a couple of days and i like what i see
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