I Need Real Advice. Want to Make Nose Surgery in Iran, So Confused Between Dr Hosnani and Dr Yahyavi.

Please I need a help and real advice, if someone...

Please I need a help and real advice, if someone tried a Dr Hosnani and Dr Yahyavi in Iran. First I choosed Dr Hosanani cause his clinic and comfort packages and service looks very professional and his work looks good but maybe some photos are not professional or some nose are not really straight. After I saw here one girl who tried Dr Yahyavi and his work I loved it more than Dr Hosani, but have some doubts as seems he doesn't have any service and packages and after the surgery u r not staying at the clinic. Usually after the surgery at least one day doctors need to keep u at the clinic. Guys who tried one of the Doctors please help me to choose one.
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Dr Hosnani and Dr Yahyavi

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