Teeth Whitening Hurt, but Brightened my Smile

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It works but it was VERY pain full afterwords...

It works but it was VERY pain full afterwords.  I felt some pain to wards the last part of the last 20 minute session.  As soon as I was done the pain started.  It was a throbbing and sharp pain through out my teeth. They tell you to take Advil or Tylenol and to treat it like a headache.  I took 4 Advils in the 4 hours time frame and it didn't help at all.  In the end I started drinking Whiskey heavily and I felt much better.

I will warn anyone with sensitive teeth to think hard and prepare with some serious pain killers before going to the treatment.  Also it's not a good ideal to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist before the treatment because your teeth will become even more sensitive to the bleaching.

I will not go through the treatment again even if it was free.  I'm glad I woke up the next day with out any pain.  I'm very scared to brush my teeth now.  I'm afraid the pain will come back.  I will just have to take very good care of my teeth going forward and hopefully they will remain as white as they are now.

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If you can tolerate dental pain and you have good strong teeth then it's worth it.

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