TCA Peel Day 4 Cont. Wasn't Prepared for the Severity of It

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Two days after my TCA peel my face is swollen...

Two days after my TCA peel my face is swollen beyond recognition. I have blisters and dark brown skin. My eyes are almost swollen shut and I can barely open my mouth to eat! I wasn't prepared for the pain of the peel either! They start by cleaning your face with acetone! Yes, acetone! The peel itself felt like a torch was burning my face. I had to be held down in order to finish the procedure. It was too late to stop it once it started. I am taking daily photos and will post later! TCA Peel Day 4 Continued: I am almost my old self. Day four is so much better. Most of my swelling is gone and I have almost lost all of my lovely brown dead skin! My skin underneath is kind of pink and a bit swollen, but it looks pretty good so far. Tomorrow I go back to the dermo for a re-check. I am glad I am over the worst part, but I still wouldn't do it again! Yes, I did pick the dried skin. I tried not too, but it was driving me crazy. I just gently rubbed using lots of vaseline and water. I figured if it came off easy, it was okay. I feel like I am lucky. You have to be careful when you mess with mother nature. I still think it is better to appreciate what you have and it is too risky to try and alter your appearance. I'll keep posting my progress. edit reply
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