TCA Peel Recommend It BUT Read This First - San Diego, CA

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I can recommend a TCA peel for sunspots, acne...

I can recommend a TCA peel for sunspots, acne scars and such quite easily. As I write this TCA peels only get a 48% approval. I'll point something out about the negative reviews. A lot of them wrote reviews on the 3rd or 4th day. They also wrote reviews who self administered and used a very strong strength on themselves 20%+ This is nuts. It's way too much especially for a first time. You have to work up to those levels. TCA peels work. They can be painful and that's why you either have them administered by a certified plastic surgeon OR start out VERY slowly with a VERY weak solution. It's better do not do enough and do a little bit each time than scar yourself for life and feel a lot of pain. The 2nd part I should mention is the reviews that are 3-4 days old. It takes easily 7+ days for the skin to fully peel from a deep peel. It can actually take 3-4 months for you to be able to handle the sun again easily. I recommend TCA peels and it has helped me heavily with my acne scars that I got when I was a teenager but only with the above conditions.

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I recommend only certified Plastic Surgeons perform this procedure.

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