Can Be Done on Dark Skin [Age 20 - Did for hyperpigmentation]

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Hi there, I am a dark-skinned African female and I...

Hi there, I am a dark-skinned African female and I have done the TCA peel on myself with success. Last week, I did my first TCA peel ever at 12.5% in two layers. I experienced frosting and was strangely amazed, haha! I gave myself months to prepare for the peel. I do lactic or glycolic peels on myself once every week so my skin was definitely used to peels which is why I believe I had great success with it.

I gotta say, the tingling was not all that bad for me. Glycolic peels felt worse to me meanwhile the TCA peel felt more like gently putting a hot compress to your face and then it eventually cooling down. Fanning myself definitely helped.

Anyway, the peeling process sucked. It took me about 9 days to fully peel and even today, my forehead still has a few peeling spots left. But I am ecstatic to see THAT MY SCARS ARE NEARLY INVISIBLE!! They're finally almost gone! =D I think a couple of more TCA peels are needed to completely kill them or I'll just go back to my regular peeling schedule and save the TCA for special times.

If you plan on doing the TCA peel, please research as much as possible. Trust me, you can never have too much information. PLAY IT SAFE!! Start out at the lower percentages, especially if you have dark skin. TCA is the most risky peel for us of a more chocolate persuasion! I already took a gamble doing two layers on my first peel but that was because I knew I was used to chem peels.

These are acids so please don't think "your skin can handle 20%" or whatever because you may screw your skin up! These are ACIDS. Anyway, I had wonderful success with the peel and will be doing it again in a month or two. I will post pictures of my journey and the result soon!

I got my tca peel in the sample size from...

I got my tca peel in the sample size from ^^

You can definitely make the samples last a long time! Use q-tips!

I ordered a sample off PSC of the TCA peel and it arrived quickly. The peel comes in a glass vial (thank goodness, I'm tired of receiving peels in plastic! Not good!) and comes with an extra sample of your choice (I chose emu oil), gloves, and a gauze. The peel did a great job!

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