35% Tca for Asian - California, CA

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I tried 35% TCA peel at home which is a big no no...

I tried 35% TCA peel at home which is a big no no for Asian skin as it can cause hyperpigmentation. I initially only put it on the wrinkles as I am 43 years old and have static and expression linked wrinkles and was really scared about getting hyperpigmentation.

It is day 13 and even the forehead where I had level III frosting did not have any complication of hyperpigmentation. I do not recommend doing this at home.

Nutrition is very important along with pre and post peel medications to prevent any hyperpigmentation. It worked great for solar lentigines which are gone but I still have the static forehead wrinkles despite level III frosting indicating medium to nearly deep peel. I used 2 grams of vitamin c, glutamine, arginine, high protein 60-80 grams of protein, multivitamins, zinc, copper, manganese supplements needed for collagen synthesis to ensure good skin and good healing. Please do not take these vitamins without a doctor's supervision as they do have side effects.

I do have a medical background and again do not recommend this to any Asian to try at home due to risk of complications.

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