Immediate tattoo regret!!

Immediate tattoo regret!!

I'm feeling really depressed after getting my new tattoos! They weren't impulse buys, but I'm really unhappy with the work that was done.

I had an old tattoo of stars on my foot...he suggested we add "stardust"...and in doing so it ended up looking like a giant purple bruise around the stars. I'm hoping I can just remove the purple and yellow stardust, and get back to my old tattoo.
I hate it so much, and of course now it's getting warmer and I'm embarrassed to wear sandals.

I also wanted to get some tiny birds on my clavicle, and not only are they not done well...they are much bigger than I wanted. I want them gone!!! They are solid black...and hoping that I can get complete removal!!!

I hate feeling so down! It's just constantly in my mind...I think about them all day and how much I hate them.

Consultation day

Had my consultation today...they actually offer removals by a doctor, and tattoos as well. Luckily they also have 2 different laser machines (one being pico). Package price will be 4/$481. The doc has high hopes the purple on the foot will fade fast! I know the birds will take longer since they are so dense black. She told me to wait 6-8 weeks after I had them first appt is in May. I'm eager to start!! It's going to affect my whole summer tho...I need to keep my skin out of the sun. I also vacation in Florida a few weeks during the I'm having anxiety about that!! It sucks!! It's a place VERY visible in a swimsuit...and if they start fading it's going to look horrendous! I will have to wear a shirt at the beach!! I'm almost tempted to fade the outer birds down and then do a cover up?
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