Immediate tattoo regret!!

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Immediate tattoo regret!!

I'm feeling really depressed after getting my new tattoos! They weren't impulse buys, but I'm really unhappy with the work that was done.

I had an old tattoo of stars on my foot...he suggested we add "stardust"...and in doing so it ended up looking like a giant purple bruise around the stars. I'm hoping I can just remove the purple and yellow stardust, and get back to my old tattoo.
I hate it so much, and of course now it's getting warmer and I'm embarrassed to wear sandals.

I also wanted to get some tiny birds on my clavicle, and not only are they not done well...they are much bigger than I wanted. I want them gone!!! They are solid black...and hoping that I can get complete removal!!!

I hate feeling so down! It's just constantly in my mind...I think about them all day and how much I hate them.

Consultation day

Had my consultation today...they actually offer removals by a doctor, and tattoos as well. Luckily they also have 2 different laser machines (one being pico). Package price will be 4/$481. The doc has high hopes the purple on the foot will fade fast! I know the birds will take longer since they are so dense black. She told me to wait 6-8 weeks after I had them first appt is in May. I'm eager to start!! It's going to affect my whole summer tho...I need to keep my skin out of the sun. I also vacation in Florida a few weeks during the I'm having anxiety about that!! It sucks!! It's a place VERY visible in a swimsuit...and if they start fading it's going to look horrendous! I will have to wear a shirt at the beach!! I'm almost tempted to fade the outer birds down and then do a cover up?

1st appt Friday!

Can't wait to get this started! I'm hoping to use the PFD patch with my treatments as well, which should allow for multiple passes. Not sure which laser she will start with, but hoping I don't blister too much! I hate they are on my foot and clavicle...I need to wear shoes...and I need to wear a bra and if I blister not sure what I will do?

Pico session 1 w/ PFD patch

Had my 1st session today! Using the patch, Dr.Jill was able to do 3 passes today! Since my tattoos are new, and dark, I still expect requiring a lot of sessions...but hopefully this will reduce the number a little. The patch does keep the cooling hose from being as effective, but the removal was still very tolerable.
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