Removing all of my tattoos

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Removing all of my tattoos

I have a tattoo on my shoulder of a dove and one on my wrist. I have another tattoo on the inside of my bicep. I've completed 7 treatments on my shoulder tattoo & 7 on my wrist. I recently took a year off from tattoo removal because I felt hopeless. BUT, I found another clinic and am starting back up again-this time I'm also working on my inner bicep tattoo.

on 2/17/17 I completed my first treatment on my inner bicep tattoo and it was brutal. So, I have done one treatment for inner bicep, and 8 treatments total on the shoulder tattoo and wrist tattoo. The new place im going to has a picosure laser, so I feel really optimistic.

My next treatment is in 5 weeks.

one week after 8x treatments on dove &…

one week after 8x treatments on dove & wrist, 1x treatment on bicep. For my first picosure treatment on the bicep and dove, the clinic did not do red ink at all. I'm not sure why-Maybe because they use a different laser for the red ink? I'm going to ask them to do both lasers next time and cover the black and red ink.

I also provided a collage of the dove tattoo from first treatment to most recent.

2nd treatment on bicep, 9th treatment on shoulder/wrist

2nd picosure treatment on inner bicep, 9th treatment (7 q, 2 picosure) on shoulder, and 9th treatment on wrist (same as shoulder).

It's been 10 days since the treatment & my arm is still bandages up, mainly because I keep it lathered in aquaphor & I don't want it to ruin my clothes. This round of treatment really sucked- they did the entire tattoo & treated red, black, and yellow ink. My arm was on fire afterwards. Did all three tattoos. I didn't blister as much as I expected to. I think it's because I had ice packs on my arm before they started lasering & put ice on immediately after. I take a lunchbox/cooler with me to treatment filled with ice packs and ice. It's a life saver.

2 weeks post 2x treatment with pico

The bicep tattoo is fading nicely already! Super excited.

2 weeks post treatment-

Side by side pictures for comparison.
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