Tattoo Removal Burns - Orlando

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I have several tattoos starting at my ankle and...

I have several tattoos starting at my ankle and going down to my foot. I am on my 7th session and see some results but not enough to be impressed about. But the worst thing has been the blood blisters. The worst one was on the top of my foot that I got after the second session. It stood almost an inch high and felt as if it would explode at any moment. I could not wear shoes for weeks and eventually drained it carefully with a fine lancet inserted at the very bottom of the blister.

I had to drain it several times a day because it kept filling up. I have since gotten blood blisters almost each time. The area has turned red and looks very clearly like a burn scar. I have used many burn scar products and have not seen any improvement. I have one session left that I prepaid for. I wish I never would have started the process because now it looks 100 times worse than the actual tattoo. What a huge waste of money.

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