Vaser Lipo of Arms - Tampa, FL

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I had Vaser Liposuction done of my very large arms...

I had Vaser Liposuction done of my very large arms. I started at around 16.5 in circumference the day of the surgery. They removed a total of 350cc from each arm.

Day 1: Went into the office, got measured and marked and the doctor briefed me again on the procedure. We started around noon...but there was no hurry. We just took our time with the pre-op information. Most of the procedure was done while I was lying face down. The first thing they did was numb my skin then poked two holes in each arm at the armpit and elbow. Next he inserted a cannula to distribute the tumescent fluid/lidocaine. Once I was completely numb, he worked the Vaser around my arms to break up the fat. Lastly he used suction to remove all the broken up fat. A couple of times it was a bit painful (mostly around the edges of where they were working). After the procedure I felt great and immediately went home - around 3pm. My doctor, his assistant, and team was wonderful! In addition to making you feel like family, they are truly artists when it comes to making sure you will get the best possible results. What they don't tell you is that you will be draining fluid like a faucet right away. I had expected. That was the hardest part for me to deal with. Over the course of the day, I changed my dressings 4 times. Around dinner time, the draining had slowed. I then went shopping with my son. I needed to get more bandages, tape etc. We also bought him a bike!

Day 2: No drainage overnight. I am super sore today and very swollen. I look like a linebacker. Arms measure 14.5 (with swelling)today. I am excited about seeing results so quickly. I am told that I will continue to see improvement up to six months from now. My expectation is to lose 2-3" more per arm...

Overall, I am pleased with the results so far and would highly recommend the procedure to anyone!

Dr. Daniel Stein

The doctor and his staff make you feel like family. He takes the time to explain everything in detail, and helps you make informed decisions. Their philosophy is "Less is more". I never felt that they were trying to sell me or talk me into anything I didn't feel comfortable with. I always felt that my best interest was their desire.

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