Smart Lipo Chin - Tampa, FL

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I had smart lipo on my chin and jowls on may 24,...

I had smart lipo on my chin and jowls on may 24, 2011. It has now been 3 weeks and a few days. 2 days after the procedure i noticed a huge difference on my chin and was hopeful that it would begin to see it get better everyday. It looked really good. However, I started noticing that it slowly began to go back to how it used to look. I am really worried that the procedure has not helped.

Can anyone tell me about their experience and how long they waited till they saw the full results? Im really anxious. I wore the compression garment for 2 weeks 24/7. I had a follow up appointment a couple days ago and all the doctor said was it was too early to see results. The problem is i dont see ANY difference yet. I am 20 years old and have had a double chin for as long as i can remember; it runs in the family. I am a normal weight.

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Heard from the nurses that work at the spa that he has only done a couple chins before mine.

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