Vaser Liposuction of Abdominals and Flanks - 37 Yr Old Male

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I'm a 37 year old male who's fairly lean but...

I'm a 37 year old male who's fairly lean but despite vigorous workout & diet regimens, I've never had anything more than a very soft 4 pack. My flanks/sides are also problematic. I seem to store a lot of fat there.

I'll be getting my procedure done by Dr. Stan Castor from Artisan Aesthetics in Tampa, FL. I've never before had work done by Dr. Castor, but my research has led me to conclude that he's a good choice for this procedure. He's a board certified plastic surgeon and has significant experience with Vaser Liposuction. I contacted him through email and he personally responded to my questions. This was very assuring to me that I'm selecting a top notch body artist. I explained to him that I basically wanted a Hi-Def Vaser session but I didn't want fake abs carved into my fat. Rather, I want Vaser to reveal my true abs. He responded saying he knew exactly what I was requesting and described it as an "aggressive Vaser liposuction session." I know I won't find perfection, but I'm hoping Dr. Castor can truly bring out the best in my body. I'll do the rest via exercise and diet (discipline in that area has never been an issue for me).

I'll keep you guys updated. Let me know if you have any tips or words of wisdom.

Today is the big day

It's 9:35am and I'll head over to Artisan Aesthetics at about 1pm. The Marriott Springhill Suites is within walking distance to Artisan Aesthetics so that worked out great. Just hoping my BayShore Home Care caregiver shows up and is pleasant. I didn't bring anyone with me (trying to keep this surgery on the low) so I was forced to hire a caregiver to stay overnight. Here it goes y'all.

24 hours post op

Here are some photos I took immediately after removing incision dressings (before showering) about 24 hours after surgery. My surgery started pretty late in the afternoon. It was right before 5PM when the general anesthesia kicked in. I literally remember nothing from the time I went out till the time I woke up. I woke up sometime between 7-8PM and man oh man the pain was brutal. Very hard to move and couldn't without assistance. Dr. Castor assured me he gave me a very aggressive Vaser session and I believe him b/c my ab/flank areas are extremely tender. It feels like a brutal ab workout X 1000. Dr. Castor told me he removed about 2lbs of fat total from my abs and flanks. 24 hours later, I'm still draining a little. It feels like I have a couple liters of fluid in my abs/flank areas. I just showered and feel a little better now but because of the swelling, I'm unsure how the finals results will look. Hoping for the best.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I'll provide a review for Dr. Castor after my surgery.

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