Painful and Expensive but Worth It - Tampa, FL

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I am 40 and Ulthera done a little over 4 mos ago....

I am 40 and Ulthera done a little over 4 mos ago. I received no pain medication except Tylenol and it was torture for 2 hours but the nice thing about the pain is that it stops immediately when the device is stopped so I was able to take a couple breaks and with squeezy balls and deep breathing I got through it. If you have the option of narcotic pain medication I strongly recommend it. My face was a bit sore for a few weeks but nothing bad at all. Overall I had quite impressive tightening, most noticeable in narrowing in my jawline. In my case I noticed that my skin didn't tighten as much as the underlying muscle (which received double the number of treatment lines). Im not sure I look a lot younger from the Ulthera but I like the change in contour of my face and neck (similar to my 20s). I looked young for my age before the Ulthera with full cherub cheeks. I still have some loose skin and mild wrinkles in my lower face which I think may be in part due to some volume loss from tightening in the muscle and this is why I don't feel like I necessarily look a lot younger. If you have the money to spend and you have mild to moderate sagging in the face or neck I would recommend Ulthera. If you have a narrow face or have experienced some volume loss you might think twice about Ulthera because it can slim the face even more and can cause some volume loss due to muscle tightening.

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