26 Year Old Mom. 1 Child. Hopeful Figure 8 - Tampa, FL

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Hey everyone! So, this is something i should've...

Hey everyone!
So, this is something i should've done so long ago but i have put it off for many reasons. I finally have come to a place in my life where i am ready to take control and aim for the body i've always wanted. Now, i already have a curvy shape but it's a bit distracted by my tummy region. That is why i am all set up to get Tumescent Lipo on 11/30/15. I am reducing my full abdomen region, flanks and full back. I'm considering asking at the last minute to include my arms as well. I am super excited! The nerves has not kicked in just yet but I'm sure they will soon. Today i purchased all of my massage and post op materials. It's finally kicking in that Monday is the big day!!!!!

Day Before.

It's the day before surgery and I'm super hype!! I am about to take my first dose of meds. I have to take Cephalexin every 8 hours today and also take a Lorazepam tonight at about 9 or 10pm. My bag is packed and ready to go. Yay!

Post Op Day 2

Hi everyone.
Well, I'm 2 days post op. For starters surgery went well. Pretty painful in my opinion (I did cry) but I'm a cry baby haha.
Surgery took about 7 hours total. I started at 1 and finished about 7:30pm.
The first day was difficult but manageable. Post op day 1 is a different story now.
I'm very swollen but draining very well. The fluid is just pouring out so I'm glad for that. As I'm writing now I'm at day 2 post op massage treatment. I hate the massages. Pressing on the wounds and my tummy is painful especially since it is pretty swollen. Everyday is a new healing day though. I'll take better pics as I progress. Here is a light photo.
Claudia Orozco

So far Claudia and her staff has been absolutely AMAZING! They are super informative and we completely see eye to eye on what my desired shape will be. She gave me a great deal and I am looking forward to the outcome of this procedure with her!!

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