Set "Rules" for Yourself N Surgeon - Tampa, FL

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After 12 biopsies, over 6 MOHs procedures, n 4...

After 12 biopsies, over 6 MOHs procedures, n 4 nitrogen spray cryosurgeries, I'd like to make suggestions based on my experiences.
Ask that no more than one hand be treated at any one time. Open wounds are subject to infection and having at least one hand free for doing tasks that might not be germ free is an advantage.
My second suggestion is to ask that no more than 2 treatment or biopsy procedures be visible at any one time on the face/neck areas. Having more than 2 red or unsightly areas at a time can be bad for the ego.
Before I established this rule for myself, I had "steristrips" on my nose n forehead from MOHs procedures, and 2 red area from nitrogen spray cryosurgery. (Also had blistered areas on my hand n chest from the nitrogen therapy).
Would have looked less like the "walking wounded" if I had limited procedures to two at a time!
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Good rapport with MD and practitioner who performed the nitrogen spray.

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