5'2, 108 lbs. Brazilian butt lift! Tampa, FL

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*Treatment results may vary

I have been considering this procedure for quite...

I have been considering this procedure for quite some time (almost two years). I gave myself 1 year to think about it and research it. I decided, if in a year I still wanted to do it, I would treat myself to doing so. I had two consultations : Dr. Perez, and Dr. Castor. Both doctors seem highly qualified, highly regarded, and great professionals in their field. I choose Castor because I don't think I have much fat to transfer , and he was a 1900 cheaper than Perez. I didn't shop on price (as I found many surgeons that blew both of these prices out the water), but it was a consideration. I felt, for my body type the extra $1900 wasn't justified. Also, Dr. Castor took more time to answer my questions and explain than Perez. I like to know as much as I can, and so I ask a lot of questions at times.

Getting real!

Have my pre op today. Will surgery scheduled for 2/10. Will update you ladies every step of the way complete with pictures and details of surgery!

Pre op done

Went to see Dr Castor today, and it was a pleasant visit. He went over my desires, took time to answer my questions open and honestly, and assured he he knew what I was looking for.

He discussed with me how he injects the fat just above the muscle. We also discussed the use of drains. He states that he doesn't use the drains, but instead leaves the injection site open so it can drain, and that it will close up in a few days.

He was lively, direct, jokey, and overall made me feel at ease. I'm a firm believer in "going with your gut " and mine tells me I made the right choice. Now let's hope my gut does go! Straight to my butt!

He also stated that he believes arnica bromelein helps. The arnica helps with swelling and the bromelein with bruising, although it won't got away with this 100%

Will update soon with before and after pictures.

Weighing in at 114lbs

Before pics

Before pics...sad..just sad...lol

Here are some before pics. After pics will come as soon as surgery is done

Day of treatment

My surgery was scheduled at 12:30 but his first surgery started a but late, so I didn't until after 3pm. In the meantime, they put my IV in , gave me a warm blanket, turned on the tv, and let me relax on the bed until it was time.

Then Dr Castor came in a discussed with me once more my wishes and what he was going to do. He marked me up and then the anestiologist came in.

She was extremely nice and I felt 100% comfortable with her. She told me that she had been an anestiologist for 19 years, from Saint Petersburg , and drives the hour + to get to Castor's office because she loves working with him and they just vibe well. She explained that she would expect giving me pain meds, anti biotics , and anti nausea through my IV. She plugged into my IV and I was out before I knew it.

I woke up just after 6pm and I was in pain. The pain felt like I was so extremely sore and getting into my Faja was a bit of a task. I was wheeled to my van, where my boyfriend has taken out the back seats and made me a bed. The hour ride home was fine as long as I could stay still. Getting in and out of the van was a task because I couldn't prop myself up due to the soreness in my torso. I used my upper body to drag myself out. Made it to my bed, took two pain pills and I feel decent.

I woke up about 10 pm to pee. Since my Faja unbuttoned at the crotch, this made it so much easier. The female urinal was a life saver! I'm able to scoot around a bit. My current paid level is about a 5 when I am laying here, and a 6 when I get up to walk. I haven't even looked Through my results yet. I have a dress on over my faja. The halter kind with no straps. Seems the easiest. So far only the first two hours were the worst.

I'll post motr pics tomorrow . I haven't seen it but my boyfriend thinks it looks outstanding.

Another bonus is that the congestion and sinus infection I thought I was getting is completely gone!

Ladies don't be intimidated to get this done. It's over before you know itd. They told me they put 600 cc each cheek. And my butt does not feel like it's on fire like I was told it might.

Day 1 post op - 16hrs in

I had to pee so bad and my boyfriend was in the shower. So I tried to get up by myself. Note to self: to make the 1st couple of days as easy as possible, take pain medication, wait 30 minutes, then proceed to getting up. When I got up to pee, my faja was soaked in blood and fluid so I took it off. I thought I was going to faint! Broke out In a cold sweat and immediately had to lay down. As soon as I laid down I felt 100% better. Now im laying here naked while my faja is being washed. Pictures to come soon. Promise! I haven't even gotten a good look at myself yet. My bandages were too yucky. As soon as my faja is dry, I'll give y'all some shots! Overall feeling good except changing my faja and bandages for the first time.


Ok, Faja clean and changed. Doesn't look like I'm draining anymore. Here are some pics. All I could get for now.

one more pic

The butt looks weird because my underwear is so hiked up but wanted to show how things my waist is

before and after

Hey ladies, still a bit sore but feeling fine. No nausea , dizziness or extreme pain.

best way to lay

I have found the best way to lay down is across my bed with my thighs and knees hanging off. I put a small piano chair to prop up my knees. This is way more comfortable than laying on the bed how I usually sleep. I'm going to try to sleep like this tonight. Sleeping on my stomach is a bit rough because it begins to hurt my neck and arms. This position of hanging over the bed with my knees on a lower chair helps so much.

Small butt

Btw,I was so very specific with Doc Castor that I didn't want a large butt. I have a small frame and it's all relative to your own body type. He assured me he knew what I wanted and I feel that he delivered what I was expecting. Don't hesitate to talk to him and explain . I brought him some pics also just for size reference


As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I was so sore! This made me upset because I felt like I wasn't getting better. But as soon as I got up I realized I was only sore because of sleeping in the same position all night. I didn't sleep with my knees hanging off last night, but I definitely will tonight. I think it is so much has more comfortable because it keeps your body at a slight angle with the edge of the bed, rather than like a board laying down. Plus it's not so hard on your neck. All in all feeling ok.

My only concern is that I haven't been clipping my Faja at the crotch area because it's hard to do everytime I pee and because I'm trying to keep compression off my butt. I hope this doesn't cause any unevenness in my lipo area. Also, isn't the butt supposed to have some compression ro minimize swelling? ?

My journey and advise thus far....

For some reason, my recovery hasn't been brutal - Thank Goodness! Sure there have been moments in which I was in high pain, but just moments - not hours. Mostly laying down and then getting back up. The first time I took off my compression garment was the worst. Cold sweats and a brief dizziness - but as soon as I laid down I was instantly better - almost like it never happened!

Maybe mine was a mini bbl? He injected 600 cc into each cheek, but I don't know how much he took out. Will find out more tomorrow at my post op. My swelling is going down a lot also
To describe my level of pain at this moment is this: I vacuumed the house and did two loads of laundry today. I can bend down by the knees and feel only a slight soreness.

Here are some of the things I wish I did differently:
- Make sure to take pain meds 30 minutes before attempting to get up - these were the difference between feeling like a train wreck and feeling like I worked out hard. I'm off of them completely now.
- Prep my bed with towels for the 1st night for leakage. I didn't do this and had to wash my sheets. Not fun after my first night.
- Stocked up on all food and drinks - straws are helpful for those times when you cant lift your head much due to the soreness in torso
- Systematically set up bath room with things you need. Meaning, don't have your female urinal on the other side of the bathroom. Also place towel on toilet tank so you have somewhere to put it temporarily when youre done. Have plastic bags on vanity to discard bandage changes and wipes so you don't have to bend down or look for somewhere to throw them out. Believe me, once they are soiled and off, you want them GONE! Place wipes near toilet and some near sink. Make sure to have bandaids and surgical tape handy. I switched to bandaids after the draining was complete and covered it with a gauze just for extra padding.
- Have a bottle of water handy near or on your bed to avoid dehydration and when you can barely move. Put it where you can reach it easily. Not on the night stand. I put mine on the footboard or just let it stay on the bed.
-Have house dresses handy and arm level. Twice I dropped them and couldn't bend to pick them up. I used the kind with elastic on the breast - no straps. Just slips on and off. Easiest cover up with little hassle.
-Move your cell phone charger closer to where youre recovery will be.
- Keep a few extra little towels handy. I kept one on the bed because I kept drooling from the way I was sleeping lol. And I kept one on the vanity to dry my under region after using wipes (before I could shower).
All the little things so you don't have to move so much. Make everything as convenient as possible.

I cant wait to hear all of your stories!!

Some pics

honest opinion?

Hey ladies, can I get your honest opinion? Of course after you do something like this you always second guess youself, and whether I've done anything to alter my results....what do you think, honestly?

Post op appt

Just left Castor's office for post op. He confirmed everything looks good as far as healing
He took out 1800 cc of fat and put in 1200. He said the remainder of the fat wasn't really usable but he put in what he could use.
He told he to put neosporin on the incisions and to switch to a waist trainer. He confirmed that no pressure needs to be on butt or hips where fat was injected.
He said I will see better results because I shouldn't lose too much volume in my butt but my waist will go down significantly since I'm still swollen.
My next project....invent a better way to sleep. I know this...incentives need something firm but soft (like a piece of cushion or foam) to prop my my torso and something to lay my head on and keep it straight so my neck doesn't get so sore. Not only does it hurt your neck, but the strain on your arms from constantly using it to prop your head. Will keep you informed. :)

BM first attempt

I haven't had a bowel movement since right before my surgery. ...4 days ago! My stomach doesn't hurt and it doesn't feel like I need to, but I know I need one. Sorry if tmi but part of healing process.

So I attempted one today....was on toilet for quite some time trying. I used one of those pool noodles to support my thighs while the palms of my hands against the front of the seat supported my body. It seemed to work as far as support. Just thought I'd share. My suggestion is to get a thicker pool noodle than one did.

Back to work

Voluntarily heading back because I'm tired of being home

Self massage

I took off your compression garment for about and hour this evening because I had been moving all day long and I felt like I needed to decompress. and I had lines and unevenness probably from moving all day. so I decided to lay down and massage my lumps to see if I can get them to even out. I did my back sides and stomach and it made a world of difference. I looked in the mirror and it looks so much smoother. and I was able to get an idea of what my body is doing. I think I'll make this part of my daily regimen


Hi ladies, here's a little Sunday morning Inspiration. My camera sucks on my phone. I have to say in person, my butt and my shape look even better.
I'm in no pain, Not really lumpy, just numb still in lipo areas.

another pic

Not the best quality pic, but trust me ladies, I've been transformed from a blocky no shape body to having curves. Excuse the lines on my back, just took off garment after being on allllll day!
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