12 Month Invisalign to Correct Partially Dislocated Jaw - Tampa, FL

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My jaw clicks when I eat, or open my mouth wide....

My jaw clicks when I eat, or open my mouth wide. My orthodontist says it is partially dislocated and that 12 months of invisalign will correct this, as well as improve my smile, which never really bothered me.

Initial consultation was on February 18th, made my decision and had the scans done on March 15th, got my first trays on May 9th, and my appointment to have the attachments put on my teeth is set for June 14th.

I'm on a 12 month treatment plan, with 49 trays. I would normally have only 24 or 25 trays, but my orthodontist has me changing my tray every week rather than every two weeks. Since they are only worn for a week, they are supposed to stay cleaner. I don't have the attachments on yet, but i am supposed to get 4 on bottom and 2 on top. He's putting them on the sides so they are not sitting on my front teeth, right in the middle of my smile. I'll update when those are on.

I started my first tray yesterday and it was definitely uncomfortable having something foreign in my mouth ALL DAY long. I took them out to have lunch and dinner, then brushed and put them back on. Drank only water all day. I took Advil all day for pain since I have noticeable aching in my jaw. The trays themselves have a few edges that i can't help but constantly touch but that wax for regular metal braces is a lifesaver for smoothing those over. My lips and mouth have been excessively dry so chapstick and bottled water are always on hand now. I do have a slight lisp, but I'm now on day two and it seems to be getting better. Not one person has commented, or noticed them. Falling asleep was kind of a pain, so I took some melatonin and slept through the night with no issues.

I can live with the discomfort, but I am worried about my sanity after a whole year of what seems like a constant source of anxiety...

He's super nice and has a great energy about him. My dentist gave me an invisalign consultation but I did not feel confident in her orthodontic abilities, as a general dentist. So I went to Dr. Feldman, who is a top tier provider on the invisalign website... happy with my decision so far.

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