27 Year Old Post-lipo and Anticipating Bbl. Syracuse, NY

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I am a 27 year old from Syracuse, NY. In October...

I am a 27 year old from Syracuse, NY. In October of 2015 I had liposuction completed by Dr.Deroberts. I am overall happy with my results however, I had some irregularity in my side where I think the compression garment rested and it caused an indent. I was on top of this by my post op day 3 and called the office. I spoke with a nurse who said its just swelling and it won't be permanent. I went to my first post op appt which was post op day 6 and I needed an additional garment to compress this area, the garment wasn't high enough to cover the side area and it kind of cut into it causing the indent. I'm not sure this could of been prevented. And other than the one nurse who kind of brushed it off, I think Dr.DeRoberts and his staff are great. If I had to do anything differently I would of went right into the office to show them my concerns and requested another garment. Anyways, the doctor told me he wasn't happy with this result and after being cautious about the lipo under my butt he said he would be willing to touch up my side and that second area free of charge which was all I wanted to hear. I know the risks of liposuction and I don't blame him for what happened. I discussed with him ways to improve the appearance of my butt. It has dimples and I'd prefer it to be rounder. I do have a nice sized butt already but I want the shape improved. A bbl seems to fit my needs. He is going to go back and lipo most of the areas I had done before (free of charge) in order to harvest fat. I am also getting my knees lipo'd on top of the bbl. My surgery date is May 6th and I'm anxiously anticipating the rough recovery with not being able to lay on my butt. I do recall recovery from lipo was pretty painful in itself. I am going to return to work 3 days after surgery but only because I work from home/ can rest as needed and have a stand up desk. Any advice on recovery and what helps with coping with it is greatly appreciated. Any other comments are welcomed as well!
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Dr DeRoberts made me feel very comfortable and I trust him. I never felt rushed through my appointments and his staff is very nice.

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