24 Year Old Vaser Lipo Abdo, Inner and Outer Thighs, Flanks - Sydney, AU

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Procedure is in 4 days. I have had surgery done...

Procedure is in 4 days. I have had surgery done before so am not necessarily worried about the procedure itself but more so the healing time. I used to be larger when i was younger and after weight loss no mater how much i train i am never able to have a flat stomach or get rid of my 'saddle bags' whilst improving those things i thought i may aswell do my inner and outer thighs, love handles and abdo.
my body doesn't respond well to swelling & i bruise from the slightest nudge so not looking forward to the recovery.

I am not going under GA & rather being injected with local and having the option of sedation. any suggestions? how uncomfortable is the procedure itself?

any feedback would be great !
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