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I have rhinoplasty finally booked here in Sydney...

I have rhinoplasty finally booked here in Sydney Australia.

I'm so excited, only 5 weeks to go!!

I'm booked in with Dr Jason Roth, so far my consultation with him has gone great. I have another one booked in for tomorrow then my operation will be on the 13th of September.

I will keep up dated on my op and post op experience.

I look forward to updating :-)

Day after surgery

Surgery with Dr Roth is all done! I was extremely excited yesterday and this morning... The excitement is starting to die down and I'm feeling uncomfortable (which obviously was expected anyway)

The surgery went well. Both Dr Roth, my Anaesthetist Dr Paul Williams and his assistant Kieran made me feel extremely comfortable and reassured me throughout the process.

The nurses at Delmar hospital in Deewhy were also great.

I returned home the same evening I didn't sleep much the first night but I think that's because I slept a lot that day.

Didn't feel any pain or discomfort until the next afternoon. (Mainly discomfort due to dry blood inside my nose.)

I can't see how my nose looks due to the plaster.
My nostrils look much better and they are now the same shape.
I know not to expect the end result straight away and I'm looking forward to having the bandages off next week :-)
It's day 3 after my surgery tomorrow and will keep all updated.

Day 3 post op

Day 3

I thought I would do a quick update on where I am at.

I knew my recovery was a little too good to be true.

The first couple of days I had hardly any swelling and also felt quite comfortable (considering) and thought I was over the worst.

But then day 3, the swelling has kicked in, my nose Iches and the dry blood is making it difficult to breath (which is driving me crazy!)

Still no severe pain just huge discomfort.

See attached some more images I'm hoping this week goes by quick and it will all be worth it in the end!

Fingers crossed :-D

Just images

Had a shower, feeling a little better less swollen etc.

Day 4/5

Today I was feeling very emotional. (I've also ran out of pain killers and can't get hold of any more so this may be the reason)

I went to the pharmacy to see what I could get.. And felt a lot more insecure about seeing people than I initially expected I would be.

I couldn't go in as there were so many people - which made me more emotional and upset - I think all in all I had a bad day due to having no medication plus feeling exhausted and emotional.

Physically I am much better my swelling has gone down A lot which has made a big difference (still can't breath through my nose and have just got use to breathing through my mouth)

Counting down the seconds until Wednesday morning ????

Day 6

Feeling amazing today - well not amazing - but soo much better than the previous day's.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday and picked up sleeping pills as I couldn't get hold of the painkillers I was prescribed (due to it being the weekend). The sleeping pills meant I have I had a great nights sleep!

I woke up this morning with an extremely dry mouth, I red this a lot on other peoples reviews but I didn't seem to have it on the previous day's just today - Nothing some water after a while didn't fix.

Finally felt energetic, positive and a lot more comfortable.
Now the excitement is kicking in to see my 'new nose' on Wednesday - I must say I am really nervous.
I know the taking the splints out is meant to be quite painful? so I'm not looking forward to that; then I head straight back into work so I'm hoping the swelling etc isn't too bad so I don't feel anxious about it.

But still very excited to see the results :-)

See updated pictures attached, it's still weird having photos mainly because I have lost movement in my top lip so I'm unable to smile at the moment without looking very strange!

Last day with my cast :-))

Still feeling good - and sooo excited for tomorrow!!!!

The only thing I'm nervous about is going straight into work after and hoping that I'm not too swollen/bruised for people to comment !

I took a picture of before and now with the cast on - and already I'm so happy (I know you can't judge yet - and I don't want to get my hopes up just incase)

Will update tomorrow for the cast removal :-D


Quick update - it's so funny how your emotions and thoughts can change so quickly. I literally felt so positive this morning and yesterday.

Tonight I have felt like my nose still looks really big? Feeling extremely unsure.

Especially seeing other people noses with the cast on and still being able to see the difference.

I know there is swelling and you can't tell your result at the minute I'm just praying that I am happy with the potential tomorrow when I have my cast removed.

I am so so so anxious this could be not what I wanted. I have spent all my money and so much time/effort trying to find the right doctor I just hope the result is worth it!

Fingers crossed!

Wooo cast off!!!

Can finally breath :-)!!
Just had the cast off and splints out .. wasn't as bad as I initially expected - it was extremely weird feeling having the splints taken out but over in seconds!

Wow I was so so nervous about seeing my nose and not being happy with it.
I know their is still a lot of swelling but I can already see the potential!

So so happy and can't wait for the outcome once the swelling has reduced!!!


Some before and after pictures

First 3 photos before the rest are after ! :-)

1 & 1/2 week post update

All is well on the nose front. I have had some serious swelling since having my cast off.

I had plaster put on (to which the doctor said it wasn't necessary to keep on if I had something on) I was initially going to keep this on but had to work at a wedding over the weekend so took it off.

I had to lift some pretty heavy boxes at work and unfortunately strained which created swelling I can feel my nose is swollen and it looks extremely swollen especially on the tip.

I just hope I haven't caused any permanent damage by lifting?? Or Just maybe slowed down the healing process?

If anyone had any suggestions to help calm the swelling please let me know!!!

Pictures of before and after attached.

Most previous pictures before the swelling.


More pictures Of swollen nose

Swollen pictures

2 week post op update.

Hi all :-)

So the swelling has gone down slightly - still very swollen on the tip. (In pictures it looks smaller than in life)

Hopefully the swelling with go down as soon as possible so I can show off my new nose :-)

Before and After side profile


I thought I would update as my mind has been running around in circles in regards to swelling. I think my nose hit the peak of its swelling the last few days (with swelling going up and down)

Someone bumped my nose - will a pillow - needless to say it was still not a nice feeling..

I have been really panicking about my 3/4 profile and front view. I could easily see the front view was due to swelling but was concerned about my tip and 3/4 profile.

I also loved that the tip was slightly upturned when the cast was immediately removed and now the top seems to have turned downwards......

I know that I have to be patient and I still love my nose - I think going into work there were a couple of comments 'it looks bigger now' etc

No one really noticed my nose before because I hid it well. I know it isn't bigger now (maybe front view)

I just hope all my concerns are due to swelling (which I'm sure they are)

Going to see Dr Roth tomorrow and will keep updating on my swelling process :-)

Feeling :-(

I thought I would update as I want to be as honest as possible with my nose journey in case anyone else is going through the same.

My concerns are getting worst, I'm not feeling great about my nose at all.

I've been searching online to see if anyone had the same feelings and then it got better - but I'm just finding that people realise it's swollen but still see the nose that they want.

I'm starting to panic (not that I made a mistake because my nose looks a lot better) but just that I don't have the nose I was wanting and saved for.

It feels so big and I hope it's due to swelling. I wanted to never have to worry about what angle someone was talking to me or taking pictures of me again - and now I still feel the same.


I've looked at other peoples reviews hoping in a month or two there will be changes and but from what I can see I'm not seeing MASSIVE changes from swelling just the nose looking better.

Anyway I know it's a rollercoaster of emotions and I expected this. Just hoping I feel better about it soon.


As you can see.. I have a feeling that my biggest concern is still there and the doctor has only taken the hump off rather than making the nose smaller (which I asked for)

Picture -
Nose on the left is after and right before (sorry the quality isn't bad) did anyone have the same concerns 2 weeks post op and then changed their mind???


The swelling is up and down still - but I realise I was being extremely emotional and over analysing my nose the last week or so.

I didn't realise how much I would analyse my nose after rhinoplasty.
I remember saying to the dr in my initial consultation that the nose being bent didn't bother me, to which he said 'it will after your operation' which is so true - I am noticing the tiniest thing so I'm glad he let me know that prior surgery :-)

Dr Roth has done an amazing job. I'm going to enjoy my new nose - and be patient for the end results :-)

1 month & 3 week update

I thought I would do a quick update on my nose - swelling is up and down daily ..

I'm happy with everything (just not my tip and 3/4 profile) I'm hoping this is due to swelling and will change once it has gone down.

Also still quite swollen from the front (not really noticeable with make up)

Staying positive and patient :-)

3 months update

Nose is still changing all the time - see attached up to date pictures

Before and after image

6 month update

I'm much happier with my nose - it's still changing all the time :-)
It isn't perfect (exactly how I wanted it) but I think you get too obsessed with an unrealistic imagine that may not of suited my face! My nose suits my face now and I'm so happy with it x


Not the greatest quality but trying to show how much my nose is changing over time :-)

Love love

So in love with my new nose! Finally... :-) i no longer worry when I'm caught at a profile angle in a picture, my face is so much more rounded and less harsh than before.. and only 8months in... so the only way is up :-) thanks Dr Roth!
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