Day 4 After Pixel - Sydney, New South Wales

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*Treatment results may vary

As someone with Irish/English ancestry and very...

As someone with Irish/English ancestry and very fair skin I have been trying to avoid skin cancer by treating the sun damage I sustained as a child.

I have also had quite bad acne since I was a teenager which now tends to be more hormonal and I have some scarring on the lower part of my chin and around my neck.

I had Pixel resurfacing around 4 days ago. It is really hard to tell yet what the result will be, but so far my experience has been as follows:

Despite numbing cream before hand the treatment was quite painful with a strong burning sensation. Afterwards it felt like I had a severe case of sunburn and the pain got worse over the course of the afternoon and into the evening.

Despite telling the clinic I needed to go to work 2 days later and having a "light" treatment only my skin soon became extremely itchy and swollen with a lot of patches of dark red and reddish brown (some areas quite crusty).

I have been following the post treatment regimen of cleansing with Cetaphil and moisturising with Cetaphil Moisturiser, but the swelling hasn't improved much yet.

It is too early to tell the results yet, but if I had known how unsightly I would look I would definitely have taken at least a week off work.

Will post an update again shortly.

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