Left with Scars After Ipl Treatment and Has Been over 3 Months :( - Sydney, Australia

Hi im 16 and have fair ish skin and underwent ipl...

Hi im 16 and have fair ish skin and underwent ipl hair laser removal more than 3 months ago( was 15 at the time) on my arms, full legs, underarm, bikini and lip. I walked out of there feeling like i was on fire and had red skin and some areas were blistering. i scabbed up EVERYWHERE except my lip and underarms and am now left with hyperpigmentation marks. They got worse as i spent time in the sun and therefore became more brown/red in some areas. I was not even informed that i was supposed to stay out of the sun! It has been over 3 months and am getting depressed with these marks on my legs and arms. Ive just started taking multiple vitamin supplements a day and have tried like 20 different creams such as bio oil,aloe vera,vitamin e , and even tried putting manuka honey. Are these marks permanent?

Should i get that scar laser removal done? Im also exfoliating regularly and see no major changes. thanyou so much

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