45 Yo Woman Treats Herself to 10 Cycles - Sydney, AU

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I had been contemplating something to reduce the...

I had been contemplating something to reduce the unwanted fat deposits for a couple years. I work out a lot and have even lost a couple pounds in the past 6 m but the bra fat, muffin top and tummy were just killing me. I hated that I couldn't wear fitted clothes without seeing the little bulge. I went back and forth on Lipo or Coolsculpt. Ultimately the decision was that I just couldn't handle the downtime etc of the surgery. Also, for the same money I could do additional areas with CS vs Lipo. I started with arms and bra fat on day 1. The next week was flanks and this week was lower abdomin. I started with the arms as the technician told me it was the most painful and I wanted to get it over with. The procedure was not a big deal at all but the massage on the arms was pretty terrible for about 10 min after. Then really I had almost no problem- just mild soreness. Session 2 on flanks was also no big deal. She had a hard time getting the suction right on one side and my swelling looks quite uneven but I was told that may happen and you have to wait 8-10 weeks to see. I did just 2 cycles on the lower abdomin (vs 4/ day with the other days). The session itself was remarkably easy- uncomfortable but o big deal. Now, however, I am in day2 after the tummy and it is quite sore. I am swollen and tender. I was feeling very confident that I'd be fine given the ease of the other areas but now I'm nervous it may be different. I'll keep you updated!
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