Nose Shaved Down to Have a Straight Side Profile

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June last year i had rynoplasty nose was shaved...

june last year i had rynoplasty nose was shaved down to have a straight side profile, one year later the hump was still there soi was told i needed a revision, august this year 2 days after my surgery my face swell up i looked mogolated and in so much pain, doctor advised me its after affects, after 4days i was forced myself to the hosiptial on my approach they told me i had an infection and to contact my surgon, when i was seen i was rushed to hospital to flash out the infection that caused my face to explode in size, i was then told it was a mirco bug and has antiboidics for 2 weeks and remaind in hospital for 5days worst pain ever.

what causes a mirco bug infection???
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i was advised that doctor should provide you with antibiogics for 5 days after rynoploasty re vision

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